Today’s Miracle Moment Is About Living with an Open Heart

In Your Year of Miracles program, we have Five Foundations for Living in the Miracle Zone. We feel it’s important to talk about these now more than ever! Today, we’re going to talk about the fourth of these foundations, which is Living With An Open Heart.

When we think of the people we know who are truly living in the Miracle Zone, there’s no question that they live open heartedly. They practice gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, loving kindness, and generosity. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have “stuff” happen to them or that everything goes their way. It means that whatever happens to them, they still come from their heart.

How can you become grounded in living from an open heart?

It’s easier to live with an open heart if you’re coming from a vibrationally anchored place in your body. Our body allows us to filter great energy in a grounded way.

All you have to do is make the trip from your head to your heart. Then, go beneath your heart to anchor and tether it there. When you breathe in your belly, it’s easier to become grounded in having an open heart because the energy is flowing there. Breathe in the belly to ground your life in your heart.

When you want to live with an open heart that’s loving, kind, generous, and caring to others, the most important thing you can possibly do is be loving, kind, generous, and caring with yourself.

Be compassionate and forgiving of yourself, which will make your life easier and more in the flow. By being loving towards yourself and grounded in the truth of who you are, you can engage with others in a more openhearted fashion.

When we are living with an open heart, we’re equally comfortable in receiving and giving. So often we tend to feel more comfortable in one of those two modes—and for many women that’s often the giving mode. But, living with an open heart means being able to give and receive.

Over the next week, we invite you to make what’s referred to as the most important trip that you can make in your life…

It’s the trip from your head to your heart. See how life feels and how life responds to you when you put your attention on living with an open heart.

“The heart is the most treasured place on the planet. Let life feel good in your body and in your heart. Let it be warm and gentle and soft. You can be strong, smart, and clear in the world and still be soft, gentle and warm in your body and heart. Then, you’re in your true power.”
~Marci and Dr. Sue

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Please share your experience below of putting your attention on living with an open heart. We’d love to hear from you


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