Today’s Miracle Moment Is About Trusting the Universe

In Your Year of Miracles program, we have Five Foundations for Living in the Miracle Zone. These are the core principles to live by to feel in the flow with the Universe and experience greater synchronicities and more miracles in your daily life. Today, we’re going to talk about the first of these foundations, which is Trust In the Universe  Trusting the Universe is to embrace that we live in a benevolent Universe where divine perfection is at work in every situation. With this perspective, we trust that we’re being taken care of on some level. One of our favorite quotes of all time is from Albert Einstein who said, “The most important question you can ask yourself is whether this is a benevolent Universe.” People who are happy and are living in the Miracle Zone answer, “Yes.” That doesn’t mean that life is always going their way, but it means that they believe that life has their back and is always supporting them.

A dear friend of ours, the brilliant and amazing Jack Canfield, talks about being an “inverse paranoid.” A paranoid thinks that everything’s out to get them. An “inverse paranoid” thinks that everything is out to support them.

If you feel challenged in trusting in the Universe and in having faith that everything is going to turn out okay, we invite you to do the following Central Channel Breath:

  • Breathe through your nose, and imagine your breath starting about two feet above your head.
  • At this point above your head, take a breath into your body right through the center of your brain, through your throat, into your heart, and into your belly.
  • Breathe in and make your belly big.
  • Exhale down through this center, right into the earth.
  • Take a deep breath up from the earth, inhaling up into your belly, From your belly, exhale straight up and out above your head through this Central Channel.

As you continue to breathe in this way, this opens the Central Channel and it begins to animate your subtle anatomy—your energy field. This energy field has a higher vibrational frequency than your body does. If you want to have greater faith and trust, you need to have a higher vibration of energy running through your system. Then it’s easier to trust and have faith. The energies of faith and trust are such high frequency energies that they don’t reside inside your body, but in the subtle energy field around your body, and specifically in an energy center just about two feet above your head. As you practice breathing in this way, as you begin to include the Central Channel Breath in your repertoire of tools that you have to work with in trusting the Universe, things will change for the better.

Over the next week, we invite you to practice the Central Channel Breath, and have trust and faith that the Universe is friendly—that benevolence is surrounding you. In the comments section below, please share your experiences of practicing the Central Channel Breath and of being an “inverse paranoid” who is trusting in the Universe. We love hearing from you!

Please share your experiences of practicing the Central Channel Breath and of being an “inverse paranoid” who is trusting in the Universe. We’d love to hear from you.

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