Today’s Miracle Moment Is About Choosing Where You Put Your Energy And Attention…

In Your Year of Miracles program, we have the Five Foundations for Living in the Miracle Zone. Especially in these unique and challenging times, we lean on these Foundations every single day!

Today, we’re going to talk about the second of these Five Foundations, which is Choosing Where You Put Your Energy and Attention.

We each have the ability to consciously direct our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions towards what we want more of, what we want to expand in our life.  What you choose to focus your energy on makes a huge difference, because whatever you put your attention on is what will grow stronger in your life.

Rather than focusing on whatever isn’t working in your life, you can favor whatever supports you in living a more miraculous life.

This can be a challenge, since we’ve spent our lives in an externally oriented world where it’s easy to get pulled into the bright shiny objects or the noisy circumstances or the stress of the day, and to have all of our energy go to the external.  As the externals pull on your energy, it may seem hard to consciously choose where to focus your attention.

One way to help you consciously choose where to focus your attention is to collect your energy back into your core and have it remain there as you go through your day.

When you gather your energy back onto yourself, it strengthens your ability to know and remember that you have the power to choose. You may think that whatever’s happening is the rule of the day, but it’s not true. When you come back onto “the self” with your attention, you can then make decisions from a place of groundedness that you don’t have when your energy is dispersed.   

So, practice putting your attention on your core, and that sense of self will magnify– you’ll have the ability to remember who you are regardless of what’s going on around you. Then, you’ll find that with every choice you make, things will start to fall into place in service of what is your highest good—not necessarily how you’re making everybody else’s day go well. You’ll create the life that will serve the unfoldment of your highest good. 

This is a great way to collect yourself and remember that you have the power to choose where you put your thoughts, your words, your feelings, and your actions. That powerful and blessed attention of yours will, in great part, determine the outcomes that you experience in your life. So we recommend that you put your attention on whatever will help you live more in the Miracle Zone!

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Please share your experiences below of the practice of bringing your attention back to your core and powerfully choosing from there. We’d love to hear from you.

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