Today’s Miracle Moment is about moving from scarcity to abundance.

You’re probably familiar with the ideas of scarcity and abundance but what do they both really mean? And how do these mindsets really affect us?

In a book called Scarcity, The New Science of Having Less and How It Defines Our Lives, the authors Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir share how scarcity brings our focus toward unfulfilled needs. If we don’t feel we have enough of something, our minds become absorbed with focusing on that lack. This affects our mental “bandwidth” and weakens our ability to pay attention, make good decisions, stick with our plans, or be forward thinking. So when our minds are absorbed in scarcity thinking, we’re limited in our ability to create new inspired ideas, pay attention to synchronicities, or have the energy to take steps in the direction of our dreams.

We also know that what we focus on expands. If we’re focusing intently on not having enough of what we need, we’ll continue creating that experience in our lives of “not having enough.”

The true state of the universe is abundance.

There’s more than enough to go around and the universe wants to shower its infinite abundance on each of us. If we’re not experiencing that, we’re blocking the flow in some way with our scarcity thinking. So, how do we make this shift from scarcity to abundance?

It starts within us.

Everything that we experience is based upon the amount of circuitry that we have in our system to perceive the abundance of life.

If we can’t perceive life as abundant and miraculous, it’s because we don’t have the circuitry to do so. The good news is — you can start building the circuitry for abundance right now with this exercise:

Take a deep breath into your belly. When you breathe into your belly, you’re automatically activating the nervous system to move out of scarcity and fight or flight mode and to perceive abundance. Inhale into your belly and the upper lobes of your lungs. Then, exhale out in every direction around you. Imagine that your conscious awareness is reaching out in every direction and pulling in the abundance of the Divine and of infinite possibilities into your belly. Inhale the idea of “There’s more than enough” and imagine that energy being bigger than your physical body.

Then, exhale out in every direction. As you exhale out in every direction, you’re carving a pathway for your ability to flow in abundance.

Keep inhaling the abundance around you from every direction. Imagine yourself breathing in all of the resources that you need and all of the infinite capacity that is needed to activate your dreams and desires. Keep breathing into your belly and your upper lobes, and exhale out in every direction as if you’re filling the space around you with the vibration of abundance.

Now, exhale down into the earth and feel the Earth receiving you right now. As you breathe up into your belly and exhale back into the earth, feel her support and grounding. Imagine that you’re breathing in the feeling of fulfillment and of abundance realized in your life.

This week, try out this breathing exercise before making an important decision or taking an important step forward.

When the feeling of abundance in your body matches the intention in your mind, abundance flows naturally in your life.

We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment and share some of the ways that you are abundant right now.

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