Today’s Miracle Moment is about the fifth chakra, the energy center of communication and manifestation.

The fifth chakra, around the throat area, is where many people feel some constriction or feeling of tightness. That generally relates to an emotional tightness around communicating or speaking.

The throat chakra is about speaking your truth. It relates to listening and hearing so that you can manifest appropriately with grace and ease.

If you ever experience fear around speaking or expressing your feelings or ideas, or you simply want to be a better communicator or manifestor, you’ll appreciate the practice we share with you here that will help you open up the throat chakra.

We’re all made of energy, and energy creates vibrational sounds in the Universe and in our human system. You can do some very simple sound and toning practices to support the chakra system. Simple sounds of aah and ooh and mmm bring energy through your system in a particular way that opens you up and activates your chakras.

For this practice, you’ll be using three sounds or tones: aah, ooh, mmm.

It doesn’t have to sound pretty; it just has to be authentic.

Let’s do this practice together…

  • Take a breath in and exhale making the expansive sound…aah. Continue making the sound of aah for about 10 seconds.
  • Imagine a channel, a tube of energy, coming right down through your body like a waterfall.
  • Take another breath in and exhale making the sound of ooh. Continue making the sound of ooh for about 10 seconds. This channels the energy down through your body and enlivens the chakra centers.
  • Take a breath in and exhale the sound of mmm for about 10 seconds. As you make the sound of mmm, feel the vibration in your mouth and in the back of your throat. This anchors the energy.

Perhaps you can feel your spine or the base of your skull vibrating. That’s you starting to land more in your body.

Do this practice when you’re wanting to listen to others with greater understanding, speak your truth more fully, or manifest with ease and grace. Life is supposed to be easy—it’s time for us to remember that!

Opening ourselves and our expression through the fifth chakra allows us to break down barriers and feel our deeper connection to others.

We suggest you do this practice once or twice a day for just a minute or two. You can invite your family members to do this with you or you can find a private place and do it by yourself.

Have a curiosity about what could happen in your life by doing this practice.

What we’ve seen is that this simple practice can help you feel greater alignment and aliveness and open you to the Miracle Zone, where miracles flow more easily into your life.

We’ll end today’s Miracle Moment with a quote from Ernest Hello who is a 19th century writer and critic who said…

“There are men who would quickly love each other if once they were to speak to each other; for when they spoke, they would discover that their souls had only been separated by phantoms and delusions.”

We wish you a great experience with speaking your truth and manifesting the miraculous!

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