Today’s Miracle Moment is about staying in a place of peace…

The #1 question we receive from people all over the world is….”Is it possible to remain in a happy and peaceful state when you’re surrounded by negative people?”

Our answer is YES, but staying positive around negative people is definitely an art!

You can probably relate to this scenario:

You’re having a great day, feeling in the flow, loving the energy in the Miracle Zone, when all of a sudden – wham! You bump into someone who’s in a foul mood, who wants to gossip about others, who has an endless list of what’s going wrong or just has a negative vibe. The next thing you know, you’re brought down and feeling negative and upset yourself.

Why does this happen? Why does your wave of positivity seem to crash when it bumps up against a wall of negativity?

Well, there’s a law of physics that says when two objects are vibrating near each other, the one vibrating with the greatest intensity will dominate. In relationships, this means that the person with the strongest emotional state sets the tone of any interaction – and like a tuning fork, you start vibrating at their frequency.

So the next time you’re in a positive, happy, miraculous state of mind and you happen upon someone who decidedly isn’t, you have a choice to make: You can either consciously attempt to have the person synchronize with your emotional state or by default, you will synchronize with theirs.

It’s probably easier to make choice #1 when you don’t know the person well so you’re not as reactive. It takes a lot more resolve when you’re invested in the relationship. Just know that you’re giving your friend or loved one a great gift by not indulging their negativity. Misery may love company but the result is…you’re both miserable.

The more you practice all the techniques to stay in the Miracle Zone that we share in our Miracle Moments, the more you’ll build up a strong “emotional immune system” that prevents you from catching another’s negativity, and your peace and well-being will not be effected.

Until then, here are a few more tips for staying in the Miracle Zone even in the face of someone who’s firmly entrenched in the Negativity Zone:

1. Keep your emotional balance by tuning in to your body when confronted with negativity. Notice any sensations arising in your physiology. Just the act of presencing those sensations will bring you into the present moment and prevent you from having a knee-jerk reaction. Your powerful attention will facilitate the dissolution of the uncomfortable sensation and restore you to a state of peace.

2. Most people who are upset are not deliberately trying to bring you down. They just want their feelings to be acknowledged, so you might say something like, “I can see why you might feel that way,” or, “I see that this situation is really upsetting to you.” Then gently without making them wrong and without judgement (and definitely without blame) offer something positive about the situation. Be light-hearted and they might see the situation from a new perspective.

3. If you can’t think of anything positive to say, know that simply staying neutral in the face of negativity is a gift in itself.

Most importantly, you want to have your positive, miraculous vibration be the dominant vibration – so just like a tuning fork, you’ll bring your friends, without them even knowing it, into the Zone where peace flows and life can be filled with miracles.

How do you stay calm in the presence of negativity or how are you challenged by this? Please share a comment below…

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