Today’s Miracle Moment Is About How to Soften Anxiety and Reduce Stress

Many people are experiencing fear and anxiety about all the events happening in our world these days. So we’re going to share a method to soften anxiety and reduce stress so that you can live more fully and constantly in the Miracle Zone–the place of synchronicities and flow, where you’re creating the conditions of your life for the miraculous to occur. 

In the midst of whatever is happening in the world, it’s important to stay grounded in the Miracle Zone and keep your energy strong and clear. Living in the Miracle Zone doesn’t mean that you’re not going to worry, or that there are never any worries in the world. It means that instead, you’re going to choose wellbeing, and choose to thrive and grow even in the midst of uncertainty. 

We do this by staying in the present moment. Worry transports us into the future. Fear and worry are ways of consciously imagining something in the future that you don’t want to happen. So that’s not where we want to spend our time!

The current reality is this present moment. If you can embrace appreciation and gratitude in the present moment, this will always help you to let go and release fears about the future. 

Staying in the present moment doesn’t mean that you’re denying or ignoring any kind of feelings about the future, including anxiousness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It means that you’re coming present to what it is that you’re feeling. When you’re present to what’s real for you, you develop a sense of clarity, certainty, and groundedness that wasn’t there just a moment before. 

And in that presence, you’ll find that there’s a sense of wellbeing that exists underneath what your mind is saying. It exists underneath all of the stories it’s writing and all of the bombardment that we’re getting from the outer world, especially during these times. All of it can fade away and you can recognize a version of who you are that is actually okay. 

Once we acknowledge any feeling that we’re feeling, it starts to dissolve inside of this present moment. So we’re trading worrying about the future for this wonderful peace of mind that is found in this present moment now. 

Here’s a practice for softening anxiety, reducing stress, and living more in the present moment: 

Gently close your eyes, and take a breath into your belly and exhale. Take a deep breath in again and exhale. Bring all of your attention into your deep core, where your belly button is and just behind it and below it–right in there. And let go of the outer layers of your skin. The outer surface of your energy field–just let it soften–let it drop into the center of your brain, into your heart, and into this place deep in your core in your belly area and just be right there.

There’s nothing else to think about or to do, but to just focus there. Notice that there’s a calmness that comes upon you. And if it does not feel calm yet, drop in a little deeper with your focused attention. Breathe a little bit so that you can feel where you’re living from, down in the belly. Drop all of your attention to your belly and relax in the belly. Then breathe, inhaling and exhaling, inhaling and exhaling, and notice that there’s a stillness in here.

You can open your eyes slowly, but stay focused in this deep belly space. Stay present while keeping your eyes open. There’s the same sensation on the inside, but now you’re able to be present on the outside, keeping one part of your attention in this inner still presence. With another part of your attention, look around the room with the stillness and presence of being. You can engage in the outer world and be aware of what’s happening in this now moment while not leaving your awareness on the inside.  

There’s a miraculous power in being present right here in this very moment. Because we’ve been habituated, it’s so easy to get anxious about the future and the things we can’t control. And it’s so vital to stay present for our own health and wellbeing. 

We invite you to do this practice a few times over the next few weeks and see how different you feel in your life.

“I am present and aware of this moment. It is full and it is great.” – Sega Belkis

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience of anchoring in this present moment.

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