Today’s Miracle Moment is About 3 Signs that Miracles Are On Their Way.

In Your Year of Miracles, we share that you can’t create miracles because miracles are a gift from the Divine. But you can create the conditions in your life for miracles to occur. So let’s look at three signs to know that miracles are on their way…

The first sign is that the desire is there for miracles. The desire is there for miracles because they’re meant for you.

The soul desires to be here in order to experience life in full spectrum, and miracles are a part of that. We’re made of divinity itself. When we recognize that, we allow miracles to occur.

The second sign that miracles are on their way is that things are falling apart.

Now we know that might not seem like a sign of a miracle, but stay with us!

The Universe is always working for us—not against us. If we’re not living in alignment with our highest good, the things that may not be right for us will tend to fall apart or fall away. It could be a relationship, a job, a living situation, or sometimes even a health issue. If that’s happening, know that things have to break down in order to get rebuilt. There may be a wake-up call happening about an area of life that may need more alignment so that you start to make the changes and get on the path that completely feels right for you. This is that place we call living in the Miracle Zone.

The third sign that miracles are on their way is that you’re opening to them.

You’re actively taking a step toward opening to miracles and experiencing life in a whole new way.

Life is a co-creation with the universe. When you take steps forward, the universe meets you.

By beginning to take baby steps towards your miracles, you’re creating the pathway for miracles to occur.

The world that you’re walking around in is a reflection of your own consciousness. When you allow your consciousness to perceive that miracles could happen for you, it allows miracles to reflect back to you what they look like, how they feel, and how they come out of nowhere.

This week, we invite you to look for the proof in your life that miracles are on their way to you.

Which of these three signs resonated with you most? Share with us in the comments. 

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