Today’s Miracle Moment is About Relationships As a Spiritual Path.

As humans, we’re wired to be social creatures. We all share the core need for connecting and bonding with each other — whether that’s in friendships, romantic partnerships, family relationships, or community connections. Loving relationships add more fulfillment and happiness to our lives. 

Relationships can also be our biggest teachers! The people we love the most are usually also the people who can push our buttons the most.

The people we’re in closest relationships with are our “mirrors,” showing us the places we may need some healing.

We’ve all experienced a moment in a relationship when someone says or does something that creates a painful emotional reaction within us. It can seem as though the other person is out to criticize or upset us.

However, if you feel triggered by what someone else has said or done, it’s most likely your reaction is not just about that specific situation or incident. It may be bringing up wounding that happened at a younger age, and that you didn’t fully process at that time.

While emotional upsets within relationships don’t feel great, ultimately they’re an invitation for healing.

In that moment, rather than projecting onto the other person or getting defensive, the first thing you can do is to simply recognize that you’re experiencing an emotional upset. Notice what you feel in your body – you may have tightness in your chest, tension in your shoulders, or a stomach that’s tied up in knots.

Then, turn your attention to loving the part of yourself that’s upset. Breathe with it and be with it, acknowledging the inner child within who didn’t get what he or she needed earlier in life.

At that point, you can choose to be the person who leads with love in your relationships — even if you really want to just yell out all the reasons that the other person is wrong. Instead you can practice being present, share vulnerably, and listen deeply.

When you look at relationships as opportunities to grow and evolve, then everything that arises can be an opportunity for that.

This week, we invite you to explore what your relationships could be teaching you. How are your relationships giving you opportunities to grow and evolve?

In the comments below, share with us how you’re growing and learning from your relationships.

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