Welcome to today’s Miracle Moment.

Do you really, deeply, truly love yourself? Do you love yourself unconditionally—not just because you’re good at something, or because you look a particular way—but without reasons or conditions?

Imagine how it would feel to love yourself unconditionally. You wouldn’t wait for permission to do what your heart calls you to do. Your relationships would feel different. You wouldn’t need anyone to tell you that you’re good enough. You’d show up like the superstar you are, AND you’d feel that deeply. This is living in the Miracle Zone.

How do you learn to love yourself like that? You start with simply becoming aware of the love that’s already inside of you.

I (Sue) spent the first part of my life thinking that my value had to do with what I accomplished. I focused on what I could accomplish in order to feel worthy of love or to fit in.

During a particularly challenging and stressful time, my relationship was ending and my mother had just passed away. I was being asked to speak in a number of places, and while I was drawn to do that, I was maxed out from the pressure of trying to “perform” to get other’s approval.

One day, as I was going to work, I forgot something and went back home to get it. As I went towards the closet, I walked past my bed and just collapsed onto it. I felt like I was falling into a deep dark well, where I was overwhelmed. As I was falling deeper, spinning and turning, I gave myself permission to just let it happen, to just let go, and an amazing sense of joy I’d never felt before rose up in me.

It was the most extraordinary experience of a deep and centered sensation of self-love. It didn’t matter if nothing that I’d been working on worked out. The only one that mattered, even if everything else fell away, was that at least I have me. In that moment, my mind found the real me—the radiant soul I am and that each of us are.

In that space, self-love is a byproduct. It’s not something that we try to do. It’s something that we relax and release into, and then self-love arises.

The experience of self-love is a result of acceptance and surrender. Instead of rejecting circumstances or any parts of ourselves, allow and surrender…come what may.

Our invitation to you is to try an experiment in the upcoming days: Instead of rejecting or criticizing any aspects of yourself, welcome whatever you feel with compassion and love. Accept every part of yourself as the divine being you truly are.

As you welcome the parts of you that you feel are not very acceptable, the feelings will actually start to melt into love. And love is really all there is.

If you want love to be present, choose to melt, to soften yourself, even just for moment. In that instant, your true, loving, soulful self is revealed.

We end today’s Miracle Moment with a quote from Louise Hay who said…

“I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.”

We send you many wishes for a life that’s full of unconditional self-love!

Please share your experience of accepting and loving all of yourself in the comments section below and on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you!

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