Today’s Miracle Moment is about calling your energy back and anchoring your own miraculous power…

I (Marci) am so delighted to introduce you to my new partner in miracles, Dr. Sue Morter, and today’s Miracle Moment is about what Dr. Sue is a master of—creating the energy circuits for living in the Miracle Zone.

If you saw our last Miracle Moment, you know that Debra Poneman, who’s been my miracles partner for the last five years, is feeling inspired by some new projects of her own and she’s going to be working on those. So Sue, whom Debra and I have known for the last 20 years, is my new co-leader in Your Year of Miracles. Debra is completely excited about this, and everybody’s thrilled for Sue to be joining us.

More than 15 years ago, Sue had an awakening experience that put her pretty much full-time in the Miracle Zone. In fact, Debra and I were both there when she had this experience and have witnessed her growth and opening in the years that have followed.

Since then, Sue has devoted her life to decoding what it takes for us to live our essence, which allows us to live in the Miracle Zone. She’s been teaching and sharing this with her clients, her patients, and her students, and they are having remarkable results.

So, Sue’s going to share with us regularly how we can build the energy circuits for the miraculous. And, we are so lucky to have her here.

Here’s a tip from Dr. Sue for building the energy circuits for living in the Miracle Zone…

I (Sue) am so happy to be sharing these tips with the Miracles community!

What I recognize is that when people experience stress, it’s because their vibrational frequency is low, and they don’t have the neuro-circuitry in place to perceive a higher vibrational life that’s filled with ease and grace and support from the universe…and flow.

What I’m interested in sharing with you is how to shift that. Not to just know about it, but to know what to do to raise your vibrational frequency to be able to live where miracles reside; beyond logic, where wonderful things occur that you never expected…and they occur on a regular basis.

For us to experience life from that place, we have to learn how to build the circuitry, and one of the things that has to happen is that we move out of our head and into our core. When we do that, we start to gather our energy back that has been dispersed by one stressful encounter after another in life.

Here’s how to just call your energy back to yourself and pull your energy back “home”:

Put your attention on something else in the room…something away from your body, and notice how it feels. Then just call your energy back home. Just bring it back to your core. Play with this! As you do this, you’ll start to feel a greater sense of yourself in your core that you don’t feel when you live in your head.

Instead of being dispersed and scattered, giving away your energy and your power, keep claiming your energy back into yourself. This is a foundational first step to cultivating your energy and letting it build inside of you.

We’d love to hear from you about your experience of calling your energy back and anchoring into your own miraculous power. Please share your comments and experiences with us.

Miracles are happening all the time. The key to experiencing them is to learn how to open up to them by building your energy circuits and raising your vibration so that you can perceive them flowing in your life.

A Special Invitation:

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We look forward to doing that with you and hearing your experiences. For now, we send you many blessings.

How have you experienced the exercise of calling your energy back? Please share a comment below…

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