In today’s Miracle Moment, we’re happy to share with you about the miraculous power of gratitude.

We all know that gratitude is one of the strongest energetic forces in creation and it has the power to increase our wealth and miracles manifold, but today we’re going to share a little bit of a different twist on the subject of gratitude.

You see, everything we’re given is a gift from the universe, a gift from that force of creation that many people call God or nature or the divine or creative intelligence. And just as you love to give gifts to others, the universe loves to give gifts to us.

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Does the Universe need your thanks?

But think about this for a minute…who would you rather give abundant gifts to, someone who receives your gift and says, “Thank you so much. This is just what I wanted. How did you know that blue is my favorite color?” or someone who forgets to even mention they received anything and you have to say to them, “Did you ever get that gift I sent? I just want to make sure it didn’t get lost in the mail.” And they’re like, “Oh yeah, did I forget to thank you? I’ve been really busy.”

It’s not like the universe really needs your acknowledgement, it’s just that the power of gratitude energetically opens up the portals for more good and abundance to flow.

And while most people do remember to express gratitude when good things arrive in their lives, what they don’t do is express gratitude when those not-so-good things show up.

Personally, we say “thank you” no matter what. We get the perfect parking space, and we say, “Thank you Universe.” A new line opens up in the grocery store just as we’re approaching it…“Thank you God!” An unexpected check shows up in the mail…“Thank you Creator.”

And we also say thank you when something not great happens.

Because we know for a fact that we live in a benevolent and supportive universe and everything that happens is for our benefit. It’s either obviously good or we’ll see the good in it when we look back as time goes on. When we say thank you at the moment that the seemingly not-so-good thing happens, the good reveals itself much more quickly.

I (Debra) remember back in the 1980’s, I had just started teaching success seminars around the country and I was still driving a beat up 10-year-old Chevy Bel Air that my aunt had left me when she passed away. I didn’t get in that car and think, “How embarrassing to be driving this old thing while I’m teaching people how to be successful and prosperous.” Instead, when I got in that car, I’d said, “Hello Shirley,” as that was her name, and I’d expressed gratitude that I had a car that got me to where I had to go. I also went to the Mercedes dealer and got a photo of my dream car – a beautiful navy blue sedan – and as Marci is my witness…we’ve been friends a long time… within a few short years, I was driving that exact Mercedes.

Gratitude opens our hearts and clears the energetic field so something greater can come in, but when you’re bemoaning your circumstances or what’s happening in your life, it contracts you so there’s no opening for something greater.

A friend of ours who has a gift of seeing energy told us how when people are ungrateful they have a murky dark energy around them, but when they talk about what they’re grateful for, there’s a radiant light that appears and that light attracts to itself more and more light.

We like to think of it like this: gratitude is a first-class ticket into the Miracle Zone. And we’d like to end with one of our favorite quotes from author Mary Davis who said, “Through the eyes of gratitude, everything is a miracle.”

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