Today’s Miracle Moment Is About What Valentine’s Day Teaches Us About Self-Love

You know Valentine’s Day is coming up because if you go into a drugstore, you see entire aisles filled with boxes of chocolate, pink and red fluffy pillows, teddy bears, and all sorts of advertisements that give ideas of what this day should be like. 

It’s wonderful to have a day dedicated to celebrating love. The challenge can come if it creates certain expectations in our minds about what love should look like.  

Should our lovability be measured by whether we have a partner or by how many boxes of chocolate we receive or how many Valentine’s cards we got? Definitely not. 

If we aren’t showered with the affection that we’re hoping for or expecting on Valentine’s Day, we can end up feeling disappointed, believing that we aren’t as loved as we want to be. 

Or, if we’re not in a primary relationship, it can be easy to create a story about our lovability, especially if we compare ourselves to the images we see everywhere in the media and social media. 

So our first invitation for you on Valentine’s Day is to drop the expectations on others to shower you with the love that you are.

Because your core essence IS love!

Our next invitation is that you treat yourself the way you’d like someone else to treat you on Valentine’s Day. 

What if we gave ourselves the same level of love, attention, and affection that we hope or expect to receive from someone else? Well, the same thing that happens when someone treats you wonderfully — your heart opens, you feel relaxed, you feel happy. This is a gift we can give ourselves. 

We can do this in simple ways… Be your own Valentine.

Do for yourself what you’d want to have for Valentine’s day. That could be having a nice meal or getting yourself some flowers. Write yourself a love letter or Valentine’s card. Tell yourself everything that you love and appreciate about yourself. I know this might seem a bit uncomfortable — we’re not used to this — but just try it out and see how you feel. You’re worthy of receiving that kind of loving care and attention.

This is a powerful way of showing ourselves how worthy we are. When we act in these loving ways towards ourselves, we naturally build up love for ourselves. And when we spend time nourishing ourselves, we start to believe how worthy and valuable we are — unconditionally. 

And then, make sure that you do it! 

We want to leave you with this quote from Oscar Wilde:

 “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’d love to hear your comments about how you’re going to shower yourself with love this Valentine’s Day, so please leave them below…

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