Welcome to today’s Miracle Moment.

In the United States, Thanksgiving will be here very soon; in Canada, you celebrated last month. But wherever you are in the world, every day is a great day for Thanksgiving. And, it’s really great that we actually have one day of the year where we turn our primary focus to thankfulness and gratitude.

Thanksgiving is a vibrational frequency as well. Vibrationally speaking, the Universe operates in a complete celebration, and when we’re in a state of gratitude and praise, we’re resonating at the frequency of the universe. This is a beautiful time of the year when we’re in a collective state of gratitude. A large group of people zero in on that specific vibrational frequency.

Here’s a wonderful appreciation process that we want to share with you called The Appreciation Feast.

I (Marci) have been doing this with my family at Thanksgiving for 20 years. On Thanksgiving, we feast on a lot of food, but it’s this feast that has made my recent Thanksgivings awesome.

We go around the table and appreciate one thing about each person at the table. The first year we did this, we started with my Mom. I said, “Mom, something I appreciate about you is how generous you are.” Then the next person said they appreciated how funny she was. By the end of the appreciations, she was in tears. Then we moved to the next person.

To do this, you go around the entire table one person at a time until each person is appreciated by everyone. This is such a feast!

This year, if you’re not able to get together in person, you can do an Appreciation Feast via Skype or a free Zoom account.

If you want to capture this, remember to record it via video. I promise when those people are gone, you’re going to treasure that video!

One little tip…the first year we did our appreciation feast before the meal, while the meal was getting cold. So, we suggest you do your appreciation feast after the meal and before dessert instead.

This is a sure way to have a most heart-opening experience of Thanksgiving.

I (Marci) want to start the Appreciation Feast early this year by expressing my appreciation for Sue and Lisa — my dear friends and co-teachers in Your Year of Miracles:

“Sue, something I love and appreciate about you is that you are one of the most extraordinary light beings on the planet. You are truly living in the Miracle Zone. You are the embodiment of what it is we teach in Your Year of Miracles. Being around you, I catch it. I love and honor how you are committed to living your life in the Miracle Zone.

“Lisa, you are a living and breathing miracle yourself. I’m so grateful for the energy, brightness, and vitality you radiate. You’re an absolute gift in my life and in the lives of each and every person in Your Year of Miracles. Thank you for the incredible impact you make in the world by being who you are and sharing the wisdom from your soul.”

And we, Sue and Lisa, want to express our appreciation for you:

“Marci, we so appreciate that you are always looking to the light, to the bright, and you’re seeing that in people and pulling it out. You’re always opening doors and being a wayshower. You show up to people in such a beautiful and amazing way. You see what people can do and become and you inspire them towards their best life.  It is  beautiful when brilliance meets such an uplifting disposition. We so appreciate being in your sphere of engagement—it has changed our lives.”

How did that expression of appreciation feel for you? Just being in an energy of gratitude and appreciation and the energy of Thanksgiving generally feels really good for everybody.

AND, we want you to know that we truly appreciate you! We appreciate you for connecting with us and with our miraculous community—the more the merrier! The more that we can appreciate life together and have a commitment to goodness together, the better life becomes.

Our invitation to you is to spend not just Thanksgiving day, but spend the entire week in a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for life.

We end this Thanksgiving Miracle Moment with a quote by Meister Eckhart, a 13th century mystic who said…

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘thank you,’ it will be enough.”

Thank you for your beautiful heart and soul!

Please share your experience of the Appreciation Feast in the comments section below and on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you!

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