Today’s Miracle Moment is about the sixth chakra or energy center, which is often called the third eye.

The sixth chakra, located in the area between the eyebrows, is our energy center that helps expand our perspective and vision–it’s our center for true seeing and intuition. Opening the sixth chakra is one of the ways that we can most powerfully open up to the energy of the Miracle Zone, where miracles more easily flow into our life.

When we have clear vision, and when we connect in deeply to our intuition, we have a greater sense about where to go and what to do. We make decisions that are informed by our intuition and that are aligned with our greater good.

It’s great to hear about opening our energy centers, but the real value comes from actually using these practices to truly open them.  Dr. Sue has great practical techniques to open up our energy centers, and in this Miracle Moment, she shares a practice to open the third eye.

While it’s called the third eye,  it should be called the first eye because it’s about seeing the real you, the you that existed long before you decided to come to the earth. The you that existed before you got freaked out about being a human being who is trying to figure out how to get back to the truth of who you are. 

Our first eye has access to our multidimensionality. We’re not just physical human beings who are struggling through this life on earth. We’re much more! We’re spirit beings who came into form, and we have access to tremendous resources to live in the Miracle Zone as soon as we start to recognize the truth of who we are.

Opening our sixth chakra is fabulous because it allows us to activate the higher brain centers that are above the primitive brain. This opening helps us operate creatively to figure out what we want and move towards it.  

Join us in this practice to open the sixth chakra…

  • Sit up straight and keep your nose pointed forward. Roll your eyes up and slightly together in a comfortable position. Don’t make it tense—just enough to feel the muscles working. Keep the chin retracted slightly.

This will activate muscles that are inside the cranium which are located very close to the pineal gland. The pineal gland receives energy of high frequency quality that is considered divine. It’s considered other worldly and it is really accessing the True Self.  

  • Take a deep breath in right into the tension that you can feel between the eyes. Then, relax your eyes, rolling them down.
  • Exhale and roll your eyes up, and inhale again into the tension behind the eyes.
  • Roll your eyes down and exhale. Once again, roll your eyes up and inhale. Roll your eyes down and exhale.
  • Once more, roll your eyes up and inhale divine light, divine guidance, divine truth—the truth of who I AM.
  • Exhale, dropping into your body and experience having all of this divine light, guidance, and truth right here in this life.
  • Roll your eyes up. Breathe in your own Higher Self. Breathe it into your brain. Let the brain be filled and filtering high frequency energies of possibility.
  • Roll your eyes down and exhale down through your body into the earth. Let yourself fully have all that you are receiving.
  • Roll your eyes up and take a deep breath in. Receive the light from this high frequency source, from the Cosmos.
  • Roll your eyes down and exhale. Let it be for you. Let it be you. Receive it consistently. Have it. Notice how it feels in your body, and just relax your body.

You will start to feel clear in your brain. You’ll feel more open and you’ll find yourself thinking thoughts that you wouldn’t normally allow yourself to think. These thoughts are creative in nature and meant to guide you toward understanding a bigger version of who you are—a more magnificent version of who you are. You’ll begin to manifest more in alignment with that magnificent you.

This practice and all of the body-based, somatic practices that we have been sharing with you are practices that any one of us can do. They take just a couple of minutes to do, and they start to totally restructure how you experience life.

You could spend a year mentally trying to do things to open up your vision center, or you could spend moments…consistently.

We suggest that you do this practice every day for a few weeks, just a minute or two every day. By doing this practice, you will begin to create different connections in the body and mind that will powerfully clear your mind.

Experience it and let us know how it goes for you. Share with us on our Facebook page and in the comments section below.

 We’ll end with a quote by a brilliant 19th century British poet, William Blake…

 “If the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear to man as it is—infinite.”
 ~William Blake

Let us open up that true vision that we have and see the world as infinite, and as we do, we’ll live more and more in the Miracle Zone!

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