Today’s Miracle Moment is about the fourth chakra, the heart center.

The fourth chakra, in the area of the heart, is the energy center most associated with giving and receiving love. When we feel open-hearted, when our hearts feel full and expanded rather than contracted or in fear, when we feel gratitude, forgiveness and loving-kindness, then we’re in the energetic state of flow we call the Miracle Zone, where we’re more open to the miraculous.

While we can’t “create” miracles, we can create the conditions for miracles to show up more in our lives. As Webster’s dictionary says, “Miracles are a surprise and welcome event that cannot be predicted by science and that are often attributed to Divine Grace.”

One of the fastest ways to create the conditions that invite miracles is to open the fourth chakra more and to live with greater love and a more open heart.

Love is what we’re made of; it’s not something we’re supposed to be finding or looking for. It’s inherently who we are. When we drop into that knowing, we start to breathe in a different way — a way that’s associated with recognizing that we belong, that there’s only oneness here. Then we’ll develop more of the consciousness of that state.

So, you can approach opening the fourth chakra by breathing in a particular way that wakes you up to the parts of you that know you belong, your essence.

To expand the fourth chakra, here’s a simple, but powerful practice…

  • Begin by breathing in your belly, which activates a part of your nervous system that says all is well.
  • Keep breathing in until you fill the upper lobes of your lungs as well. Then, breathe even bigger. Imagine that you’re bigger than the body.
  • Then exhale out in every direction—above you, below you, to the left, to the right, to the front, and to the back in a big sphere.
  • Then, inhale from every direction right back into your belly.
  • Continue inhaling into the upper lobes of the lungs, and then inhale bigger than the body.
  • Exhale in every direction.
  • Again, inhale from every direction right back into your belly. Inhale into your lungs, upper lobes, and then bigger than the body.
  • Exhale in every direction.
  • Practice this sequence six to eight times, several times a day.

This spherical breathing puts you in the quantum field, which also happens to be the field where miracles occur.

The quantum field is beyond logic, and we can access this field by breathing this spherical breath. Practice this several times a day, and you will start to feel very different in the world.

Notice how it feels for you — we imagine you’ll feel more open in your heart and able to more easily access the love that’s your essence.

We end this Miracle Moment with a quote from the Upanishads that says…

“There is a light which shines beyond the world, beyond everything, beyond all, beyond
the highest heaven. This is the light which shines within your heart.”

We wish you lots of access to the essence of love that you truly are!

Please share your experience of this spherical breath in the comments section below and on our Facebook page. What has it elicited in you? We love hearing from you!

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