Today’s Miracle Moment is About Opening Up to Signs from the Universe

Have you ever seen certain numbers appearing over and over again? Maybe when you look at the clock, it always happens to be 1:11 or 3:33 or 12:34. Or when you’re driving, you notice a license plate in front of you with the same numbers that keep showing up.

There’s a pattern and tapestry in the universe that we’re each a part of. When we’re living in alignment with the laws of nature, signs start showing up in our lives in ways that can seem miraculous. 

Noticing signs helps us affirm that we’re in the flow of synchronicity in our lives and this is part of living in the Miracle Zone. 

Here’s an example from Marci about seeing signs: 

“Having co-authored the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul books, I’ve read thousands of stories about signs that people receive from loved ones who have passed on, so I knew it was possible. So about a week after my beloved father passed away at age 91, I said to my husband, ‘I’d really love to get a sign from my dad that all is well.’ 

As we were sleeping that night, an alarm went off in the house. We looked at the clock and it was 3:33 am. Now, the number 333 has always been my husband’s and my special number (we often look at the clock and it’s 3:33), so already, we knew something was up.

We searched throughout the house to shut off the alarm. We went into every room to check the clocks and it wasn’t the clocks. We checked and it wasn’t a fire alarm either, and we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from!

Finally, we ended up at the table near the front door where we’d put my Dad’s picture and a vase full of beautiful flowers. I looked at my Dad’s picture and I said, ‘Dad, is that a sign?’ At that moment, the alarm stopped. It was bizarre. 

The next morning, the contractors who were working on my house came. We asked them how this alarm went off, and they said that there was no possible way for it to go off — it wasn’t hooked up to anything.

Incredible, right? We believe it was my Dad answering my request to send us a sign.”

The more we open our hearts to receiving signs, the more that signs will regularly happen in our lives.

Opening our hearts creates a gateway into the realm of life where signs show up. This open-heartedness can come through heartbreak, as Marci experienced when her Dad passed away. It can also happen through conscious choice. You can simply ask the Universe to send you a sign. 

As we live with an open heart, signs can constantly flow into our lives and we can recognize that we’re in the flow and a part of the oneness of the Universe.

Whenever you experience signs and synchronicities, open your heart and recognize that “I’m in the flow.”

In those moments, pay attention to the sensations happening in your body. As you affirm your experience of being in the flow and recognize the sensations you feel that come with it, you reinforce the ability to be in alignment with signs on a regular basis.

You’re affirming that you’re tapped into the natural and cosmic law. You’re recognizing your oneness with the universe rather than separation. And this allows even more synchronicities and miracles to occur.

“When you ask for signs from the Universe, the Universe speaks back.” ― Laura Lynne Jackson

We’d love to hear about your experiences with noticing signs. Leave a comment below to share with us!

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