Today’s Miracle Moment is about the Miraculous Power of Trust…

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place of complete peace, a place where you profoundly trust that you’re being taken care of by a Universal power? Where you trust that this Universal power is with you every moment? Where you live with the certainty that the Universe is really out to support you, that it’s on your side, that it’s got your back?

We know that this can feel hard to believe on any given day. Right now with COVID-19 cases back on the rise and a polarizing presidential election coming up in the U.S. there’s certainly a lot going on in the world…And in this moment, believing the Universe has your back can feel like a REALLY BIG stretch.

But, for just a few minutes, let’s suspend any resistance and lean into a place of trust. We often try so hard to control everything in our lives that we forget the power of putting our faith in the Universe and just letting go.

However, once you get into the habit of doing all that you can from your humanness and trusting when you get that intuitive message that it’s time to let go and surrender to a Higher Power; and you actually do it, you’ll begin experiencing a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.

Throughout history, the wisest men and women have known that their highest good came from trusting and letting go, from surrendering. We don’t mean the kind of surrender that is “losing a battle” kind of surrender, not the “white flag” kind of surrender, but the kind that is letting go of personal limitations and aligning totally with an intelligence and an energy that’s greater than ourselves.

It’s the energy of Let Thy Will Be Done.

If you can surrender your resistance, you’ll be able to tap into a higher wisdom. Instead of saying “no” and resisting everything that’s happening, simply say “yes” to the guidance of spirit.

Here’s a practice that we invite you to try…

It’s about asking for guidance from the Universe and being led by your soul throughout the day. It comes from a teaching in A Course In Miracles.

Here’s what you do…

At the beginning of your day, simply ask three questions…

What would Spirit have me do today?
Where would Spirit have me go today?
What would Spirit have me say, and to whom?

Then, as you move through your day, listen to your inspiration from Spirit and say “yes” to whatever those answers are…trusting life’s unfolding.

If you get stuck, ask the question again. When you move through the day like this, when you trust that Spirit is guiding you and has your back, you’re going to find yourself living more and more in the Miracle Zone.

Please share your experiences of trusting in the universe in the comments below.

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