Today’s Miracle Moment is About the Miraculous Power of Do-Overs

We’ve all had those days where maybe we didn’t get enough sleep, work is stressful, or we’re exhausted from trying to get a huge to-do list done. We might feel crabby and aggravated at everything (and everyone) and find ourselves snapping at a partner, roommate or close family member.

In those moments, wouldn’t it be great if you could just have a “do-over”?

The great news is that you can!

This is something that Marci and her husband Sergio have practiced many times over the years and they credit with saving them from getting into pointless squabbles or arguments. If they find themselves being crabby with each other, they’ll stop mid-conversation and say, “Let’s have a do-over.” They’ll rewind and start the conversation over, choosing a different way to respond. It’s a practical and yet powerful way to pattern interrupt and get back on the right foot.

Here’s a recent example: Sergio and Marci are working with contractors on remodeling their house. One day, Sergio asked Marci to send the contractors photographs of some electrical wires that needed to be fixed. This day happened to be one of those stressful, exhausting days, and when Sergio asked Marci later if she’d sent the photographs yet, she snapped and got defensive. In that moment, Marci realized she needed a do-over. So, she asked Sergio for a do-over and then literally stepped out of the room and walked back in. Sergio asked her the question again and this time, she replied, “I’m so sorry — I haven’t sent them yet. Here, let me do that right now.” The situation was resolved and no squabble was needed.

This present moment is always an opportunity for a do-over and to begin again.

Every day and in every moment we all have the opportunity for do-overs — whether that’s in relationships or in our own daily life.

We’re often carrying emotions, thoughts, and feelings from the past into the present moment. Sometimes we’re even carrying baggage around from previous days, weeks, or months. We can end up making assumptions or getting upset, and then we give responses to circumstances that aren’t really appropriate.

If you find yourself playing out a pattern that isn’t serving you, you can always pause, reset, and choose to have a do-over.

There’s always a creative solution available and all you have to do is open up to it.

This week, we invite you to practice doing some do-overs in your life. You might want to do over a way of being, a habit that’s not serving you, or a conversation with a loved one that starts to go in an unnecessary direction.

This practice can help you bring more awareness into your daily life, knowing you always have the option to choose something even better.

Do Overs

Let us know in the comments how it goes practicing the miraculous power of do-overs.

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