Today’s Miracle Moment Is About the Miracles We Receive Through Giving.

Great miracles can come into our lives through the power of giving.

Many spiritual traditions have shared the power of giving in order to free ourselves from suffering and to experience greater happiness.

In Sanskrit, there’s a tradition of selfless service called “seva,” which means giving as an act of devotion to the Divine. You can give seva through “Karma Yoga,” which is giving through acts of service, like cooking for others or cleaning a common space. Another way that you can give selfless service is through your attention — you can listen to someone else’s needs or offer them your support.

The Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Han, has told a story about a vegetable in Vietnam called “he” (pronounced “hey”). It looks like a scallion and it is part of the onion family. In order for these vegetables to grow, you need to cut them at the base of the stalk. The more you cut them, the bigger they grow — and the less you cut them, the less they grow. Thich Nhat Han says that it’s the same for the practice of giving:

The more you give, the more you grow, and the richer you become in happiness and well-being.

It’s also been scientifically proven that giving creates more happiness. Researchers with the Science of Generosity Initiative did a study on a group of US adults to find out what changes they experienced in life after giving.

The study showed that acts of generosity resulted in more happiness, good health, a sense of purpose and personal growth.

And it’s not just about the act of giving — it’s about our intention and energy, too. If we give with an expectation of receiving, or with any resentment, it’s dropping the vibrational frequency of our gift. When we do this, we won’t experience the joy and abundance that comes with true giving from the heart.

When we give from a place of love and generosity, that’s what comes back to us.

It shifts us out of feeling scarcity into connecting with the abundance of the Universe and infinite possibilities — all of which we’re meant to be experiencing in this life.

This week, we invite you to find ways to give to those around you. Maybe it’s giving your presence to someone and listening to them in a deep way. Maybe it’s giving a compliment or encouragement. Maybe it’s giving to your community. All that matters is that your giving comes from your heart.

Miracles We Receive Through Giving

Please leave a comment below and let us know how you’ll give to others this week.

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