Today’s Miracle Moment is about how to select and use a theme for the year…

For many years, I (Marci) have selected a theme for each year that becomes the guiding light for my year. It’s what I live by. I think of it many times throughout my week. I make daily choices based on whether that choice is aligned with my theme. It’s like my mantra for the year.

We recommend you try this out for yourself. Your theme can be one word, such as Love, Abundance, Happiness, Spaciousness, Truth, or Clarity. Or your theme could be a few words, such as Joyful Abundance or Vibrant Health.

Your theme could even be a phrase such as Living My Purpose or Feeling Self-Love. It’s whatever makes you feel most inspired and expanded—it’s what’s calling to come forth more in your life.

Here’s how to use your theme:

Allow it to be the guide for the choices you make. For example, you might ask, “Does going on that trip support me in feeling more joyfully abundant?” or “Does taking that job support me in feeling greater self-love?”

A number of years ago, I (Dr. Sue) had an intention of “Me Too” because I was always attending to and taking care of other people, but not myself. So, I had to claim what I wanted for myself—”Me Too.” I would ask if I felt I was being supported by a decision I was making: Was the decision at hand allowing me to be engaging in the ways that I truly wanted to? (To clarify, this was not in reference to the new “Me Too” movement, as this was long before that movement).

In 2013, I (Marci) had a theme of Spaciousness. That year, I cleared my plate of all the things that I didn’t want to be doing to make space for what was to come. As soon as I started clearing space and saying no to what I didn’t want, the idea for Your Year of Miracles came, which has been a huge blessing in my life. Spaciousness is what gave birth to the new.

So we suggest you pick a theme.

If you’re not sure what to pick and you have two themes that are competing, here’s a simple process to help you select between them.

Put your hand and attention on your heart and say one of the themes out loud; then notice how you feel in your body. Do the same process with the second theme. Select the theme that makes you feel more expanded, more alive, happier. You’ll know, as it will open you up.

And you can’t do this wrong. If you pick a theme that you don’t end up loving in a few days or a week, then you just change it.

We’ll end this Miracle Moment with a saying that we love to quote:

What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.

When you put your attention on your theme, you’ll have a lot more of that in the months to come!

Please share with us what your theme is and how this is working for you in the comments below.

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