Today’s Miracle Moment is About Stopping the Overthinking Cycle.

We all get in the overthinking cycle from time to time. We might overthink small decisions, like what to order for dinner at a restaurant. Or we might overthink important decisions for years on end. Maybe there’s a business you’ve wanted to launch, but you keep overthinking the first steps to take to get started. Maybe you’ve held back on taking a class that really calls to you. Maybe you overthink how ready you need to be to put yourself out there socially.

Overthinking can block you from taking action that can lead to seeing your miracles come to life.

We are co-creators with the universe. If we’re not taking action, then we aren’t doing our part.

To stop the overthinking cycle, first we need to realize that the mind is trying to complete itself. Because the mind is trying to complete the experience it’s happening, it reaches into the future and imagines possible scenarios.

To stop that process instantly, come back to right here, right now.

Interrupt the process of thinking about the future and come back onto the self by taking a deep and slow breath into the belly.

When you breathe into the belly, it draws oxygen into the lower lobes of the lungs where more blood vessels are. That helps oxygenate the blood faster and slows down the thinking mind.

A deep belly breath also activates the part of the nervous system that calms you down and is where creative thinking lies. 

When you slow your breath, you slow your mind and have access to deeper wisdom.

By slowly breathing deeply into the belly, your thinking slows down and wisdom can rise. When wisdom rises, thinking is no longer necessary. The wisdom that rises gives the mind instructions about what to do.

The mind is designed to serve the Soul. When we begin activating our own Soulful presence, the mind can get in service, and this stops the cycle of overthinking.

This week, we invite you to try this practice of taking deep slow breaths into the belly to stop the overthinking process. Let us know how it goes as you try this. Does it help to slow down your mind and stop the overthinking cycle? Share in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful week!

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