Today’s Miracle Moment is about how to be resilient in uncertain times

We’re living in some of the most uncertain times in our lifetime. We can look around the world and see how people are experiencing extreme difficulties, traumatic events and adversities. This is a time where it’s incredibly important to find your inner resilience. 

Nature is an incredible example to us of how to be resilient. Nature has the ability to bounce back constantly and to create new life. We can see this in all of the seasons, in weather patterns, and in the cycle of life. 

One great example of resilience in nature is the emperor penguins. You might have seen the documentary about them years ago, March of the Penguins

Year after year, adult emperor penguins walk over 60 miles in the icy, cold conditions of the arctic to breed. The female lays one egg and rolls it towards the male penguin, who then has the job of keeping the egg warm for the next four months until the egg hatches. The female penguins then leave the colony, and go out searching for food, and the males fast for four months as they keep the egg warm. By the time the female returns, the male has lost nearly half their body mass.

Between the 60-mile trek in the drastic conditions of the Arctic and the four months of fasting, emperor penguins are facing extreme conditions, year after year, to keep their species going! 

Even though it requires so much resilience for them to do so, the emperor penguins continue to make this trek. Why? Because their true nature calls them to do so. 

Maybe we don’t have to lose half of our body weight or walk 60 miles in the Arctic to follow our true path, but we do have to face challenges and cultural pressures. We have to find a deeper reservoir of resilience within ourselves to keep moving toward our true path and our goals.

If we can find a sense of passion and purpose underneath our goals, we can tap into reservoirs of resilience. 

With the male penguin, breeding is so important to the perpetuation of the species. What if, like the male penguin, there was a feeling inside of you that was so important to nurture and cultivate in the same way?  

This could be a feeling of an open heart, joy, adventure, or curiosity. As long as you keep that feeling alive and nurture it like the penguin nurtures the egg, then everything that comes your way will be worth it.

Through connecting with the feeling state that’s most important to you to cultivate, you can find resilience and a strengthened ability to keep showing up to life. 

You can also remember that there are infinite possibilities in each moment. If one door closes, there are an infinite number of options and possibilities available in this now. Continue to build your inner resilience that isn’t dependent on outside circumstances, and you will be able to create new possibilities and opportunities in your life.

“Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.” – Catherine DeVrye

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