Have you ever wanted to experience more flow of abundance into your life? If the answer is yes, this Miracle Moment is for you!

Tithing is something that I (Marci) started practicing in 1982, and I think of it as one of the greatest things that I’ve ever done to create more financial abundance.

As a matter of fact, I remember a time when I was feeling that I didn’t have enough money to tithe, so I stopped tithing for a period of time. And you know what happened? My finances dried up even more! And when I saw that there was a direct correspondence between my break from tithing and my financial downturn, I started the practice again and I almost immediately had a dramatic reversal of fortune, which showed me the power of this practice. I’ve practiced it religiously since then.

So, exactly what is a tithe?

The definition of the tithe is giving the first one-tenth of your income to the source of your spiritual inspiration. And by this definition, you would tithe to a spiritual teacher, or to an organization like a church, or a temple, or an ashram. Giving charitable gifts wasn’t considered tithing. But we have a different take on it, and we like to listen to our own hearts. So, in addition to giving to the sources of our spiritual inspiration which we do, we also consider the donations that we give to organizations that we believe are doing a lot of good in the world as part of our tithe.

We look at tithing like sending a thank you note to the universe—as an expression of gratitude to the true source of abundance which is the universe, the creator, the God of your understanding. Just like you wouldn’t expect your doctor, your accountant or your gardener to give their services to you without some demonstration of your gratitude back, why wouldn’t you also want to give gratitude or a demonstration of thanks back to that force in the universe that gives you everything day after day after day?

And if you think you can’t afford to tithe, that’s when you can’t afford not to tithe.

I know it may seem like the hardest time, if you feel like you don’t have that 10% to tithe. But that act of trust and surrender is what’s going to connect you in even more deeply to the source of infinite abundance. The most powerful element of the tithe is that you’re demonstrating your trust in the Universe.

We suggest that you just give it a try, maybe just for 6 months, and see what happens in your life. We think you’ll be surprised! What we’ve witnessed happen for so many is that they feel more in the Miracle Zone and more abundance begins to flow to them in many unexpected ways. If you choose to do a 6-month trial, let us know what happens and share a comment below.

And we’ll end with a quote from Sir John Templeton, the founder and chairman of The Templeton Funds:

Wishing you overflowing abundance and a miraculous experience with the magic of the tithe.

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