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In Oprah Winfrey’s 25 years interviewing extraordinary people, she says that there was one woman who inspired her more than all the celebrities and famous men and women who sat on her couch.

That woman was Tererai Trent.

Tererai was born in a remote village in Zimbabwe and was raised in a mud hut with no electricity or running water at a time when education for girls was virtually unheard of.

Tererai lived her young life surrounded by poverty, raging war and hopelessness, but yet, she was determined to learn. She took her brother’s school books and taught herself to read and write out in the fields where she tended cattle. In fact, she became so proficient that she started doing her brother’s homework for him and when the teacher discovered this he asked her father to send her to school but instead her father married her off in exchange for a cow!! And although she was still a child herself and by the time she was 18 she was already a mother of three, she wouldn’t let her dream of learning die.

One day her own mother told her to write her dreams on a piece of paper and bury them in the ground where they could grow like a seed. So Tererai wrote on a scrap of paper that she would travel to America, earn three degrees and bring her gifts back to her village. She buried the paper in a piece of tin in the field where she watched the cattle graze. And through a “chance” meeting with a woman named Jo Luck who was president and CEO of Heifer International who recognized Tererai’s potential and paved the way for her come to America to get her education, Tererai did go on to receive three degrees: a bachelor’s, master’s and PhD.

Tererai achieved all her dreams and has now become a hero to the women of her country. In fact, on one of her most inspiring shows ever, Oprah awarded Tererai $1.5 million dollars to go back and build schools in her area of Zimbabwe and change the course of destiny for thousands of African girls.

If you have a dream, know that it is “tinogona” which in Tererai’s native language means achievable. Along with the dream, you were given everything you need to make it come true. Whether you bury your dreams in a piece of tin like Tererai or simply in your heart, those dreams are quietly germinating and with your love and belief, they will sprout at the perfect time.

Wishing you overflowing miracles and dreams coming true.

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