Today’s miracle moment is about the power of intuition.

A few years ago, Marci went on a trip with the amazing Lynne Twist to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador and lived for a week with the indigenous Achuar people there. Traditionally warriors with a fierce devotion to their land, the Archuar have kept their culture and worldview remarkably intact. In the Achuar world, dreams are shared each morning before sunrise, and interpreted by either their community leader or their shaman.

One of the things Marci most noticed when she was in Ecuador was that the Achuar depended primarily on their intuitive sense to navigate through life. They had rituals that honored their intuition and it was working really well for them. In fact, being guided by intuition is what’s allowed all indigenous people to survive. In cultures like the Achuar, intuition is acknowledged, respected, and honored as an important aspect of life. The Achuar children are taught at a very young age to allow themselves to notice and follow their sense of connection to the universal creative force. As people age in these cultures, their intuition doesn’t diminish but becomes even stronger.

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We can all access our intuition…

…This inner knowing, which is a universal, intelligent life force that everyone has. Some people describe intuition as a “gut feeling.” And even though we’re all born with it, unfortunately, in our modern world, we’re rarely encouraged to develop it. Instead, we’re taught to defer to the wisdom of our parents, teachers, clergy, bosses, friends and even the media.

And just like a physical muscle that can atrophy if we don’t use it, the muscle of our intuition degenerates if we ignore it.

There’s another reason why we in our modern society lose touch with our intuition and that is, we rarely get quiet enough.

Intuition speaks to us in moments of silence, and when we’re moving too quickly or doing too much multi-tasking, we can’t experience silence. In fact, when we’re watching TV, eating, talking to someone and texting at the same time, there’s so much noise in our brains that there’s no space for our intuition to speak to us. On top of that, we’re bombarded with so much energetic “noise” emitted from the EMF’s swirling non-stop through our homes and workplaces that our intuition really doesn’t stand a chance.

Maybe people in the rain forest are in touch with the inner voice because there is so much silence. The “noise” they most often hear are the sounds of the river running, animals calling, and insects singing – the sounds of silence.

So what can you do?

Slow down. If you need an insight about a situation in your life, stop what you’re doing, take a few breaths and ask your intuition. If you get a gut feeling, listen to it and act before your rational mind starts giving you all the reasons why you’re wrong. You can recognize your intuition (as opposed to some thought based on fear or past hurts) because it comes to you in a flash and gives you information neutrally and unemotionally.

When you’re hearing that intuitive voice, although it will ultimately lead you to your greatest good, it might not be linear, and it may ask you to do things that are inconvenient. It may lead you into unfamiliar territory, or even require that you take a leap of faith…but it always takes you by the quickest and surest route to a more expanded and fulfilling state of life – a state that we call Living in the Miracle Zone.

We’ll leave you today with a great quote from the actor Alan Alda: You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you discover there will be yourself.

May your intuition lead you to the Miracle Zone!

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