Episode 15: Opening Up To Higher Purpose and Everyday Miracles with Robert Holden

Stepping into Higher Purpose and Everyday Miracles with Robert Holden

In this episode, I’m delighted to be joined by my dear friend and colleague, the amazing Dr. Robert Holden. Robert’s innovative work with psychology and spirituality has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, the PBS special Shift Happens!, and two major BBC-TV documentaries on Happiness – The Happiness Formula and How to Be Happy. He has two popular TEDx talks and co-hosts EVERYDAY MIRACLES – an online membership for A Course in Miracles with his wife, Hollie.

Robert is a New York Times best-selling author of 14 books, including Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Loveability and Life Loves You (co-written with Louise Hay). His brand-new venture is PURPOSE CLUB – which offers a year of mentoring and support for a purpose-centered life. He is a visionary in personal transformation, and his catalyst is love and miracles. 

Today, Robert explains how most of us struggle with the belief that we have to do life by ourselves–that we are alone on the journey and somehow separate from each other. 

If you’ve ever felt that you have to do life by yourself, Robert shares a powerful exercise to help you feel connected and just how much love you’re surrounded by.

In addition, Robert speaks about how shifting from fear to love is vital to discovering the flow of the Miracle Zone and why true discovery begins with recognition and awareness of what already is. He’ll explain how your purpose is influential and integral to living your miraculous life.  

Join us to increase your awareness of love, miracles, and the magical life you actually have right now. This episode will leave you with a powerful shift in your energy, so don’t miss it!

“The miracle zone is here. The question is, where am I?”  – Robert Holden

What we talked about:

  • Robert’s definition of a miracle and what A Course In Miracles is (4:01) 
  • Shifting from a fearful mindset to an energetic state of love (11:22) 
  •  Practical keys for leading with love by remembering Life Loves You (Plus the Life Loves You exercise)(14:30)  
  •  Robert’s concept of destination addiction and how to avoid skipping over the life you’re currently living (20:28) 
  •  The role of purpose in living a miraculous life (24:57)

Favorite quotes from the episode:

  • “Miracles happen when we shift our mindset from fear to love in any given situation.”  – Robert Holden 
  • “If you can be emotionally honest, you’ll become even more spiritually clear. Emotional honesty boosts spiritual clarity” – Robert Holden 
  • “You simply have to be aware. And the awareness itself starts to make you more porous, more open, more receptive, and more spontaneously available to miracles.” – Robert Holden 

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