Episode 11: Unleash The Miracle of Your Voice with The Brothers Koren

Episode 11: Unleash The Miracle of Your Voice with The Brothers Koren

In this episode, I really enjoyed sitting down with two of my favorite brothers, Isaac and Thorald Koren. Formally known as The Kin, The Brothers Koren are transformational voice leaders who have appeared live on Conan, earned a Gold Record, and performed for over a million people while touring with the likes of Coldplay, Pink, Bon Jovi, and Rod Stewart.

After getting to experience living what they thought was their dream, they found themselves feeling unsatisfied and burdened. They felt the weight of the expectations they and the rest of the world placed on their voices.

Then in a chance moment, completely unexpected, they tapped into the Miracle Zone and created their unique work that’s impacting the world. 

Today, they help nurture and foster the voices of people all over the world so that each person (singers and “non-singers” alike) can fully embody who they are. Their mission is to help free and uplift ALL voices.

I’ve had the privilege of being coached by the Brothers Koren myself, and they’re truly masters at their craft. They’ve even presented at Your Year of Miracles Retreat, where they created with us the Living in the Miracle Zone theme song. You can hear it in the intro and outro of each podcast episode. Can you believe it only took them 15 minutes to create!?  

Join us as we dive into the miraculous nature of the voice!  Find how you can authentically express yourself and break free from any blocks that may keep you from living your miraculous life.

“Magic occurs when you let go of control. It’s better to share an idea that’s almost ready, rather than wait until it’s perfect.“  The Brothers Koren  

What we talked about:

  • Isaac’s and Thorald’s shift to fully living in the Miracle Zone (4:16) 
  • How you can heal from feeling disempowered or unable to fully express yourself (8:06)
  • What happens when you open up to the inner voice (12:52) 
  • Recognizing your false voice and freeing yourself into truthful expression (16:46) 
  • Isaac and Thorald invite you to experience your true voice in real-time (17:16) 
  • Letting go and getting into the flow of creative energy (23:13) 
  • How daring to suck is intimately entangled with daring to be great (27:34) 
  • The Embodied Voice Summit (29:34) 
  • Beautiful last words (31:31) 

Favorite quotes from the episode:

  • “We’ve all been pressured by presentation, performance comparison, and competition. And that reverses the creative process that nature intended. Often, it creates a narrow keyhole where we’re trying to be excellent through a small space. And so it creates an inhibited, fearful environment. When we flip it back around and set new ways of being, that kindergartener who is playful, messy, and part of the human experience gets to come back to the surface. “- Thorald Koren
  • “We find that the voice is one of those amazing magnetic qualities of the human instrument that calls the world or what is there for you, towards you. Expressing your voice gets you in what you beautifully call the Miracle Zone.” – Isaac Koren
  • “If voice has been calling you and you have pushed it to the wayside, or if you were inhibited at a young age and bought into the belief that you didn’t sing, or you didn’t speak, or you didn’t rise and lead others, it’s time to let go and express yourself. Your creativity is in there, somewhere under your ribcage, and wants to come out. Just do it, make a mess, and see what occurs.” – Thorald Koren

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