Today’s Miracle Moment is about the miraculous power of prana…

We’re going to share with you a very easy and effective way to increase your prana.

You might be wondering—what’s prana? And why do I want to increase it?

Prana is the Sanskrit word for life force. It’s your energy, your vitality—it’s also called Chi or Ki. The more vital energy or flow of life force we have, the better everything works in our lives.

Increasing your prana is a powerful way to get in the Miracle Zone!

Increasing our life force, especially through these times, is so important.

So, how do you increase your prana? One way is through your breath. You can actually breathe in more life force. With correct breathing, you can improve all of your body’s systems from digestion to elimination, from clarity of mind to emotional balance, and everything in between.

Here’s a simple breathing practice for increasing prana that we both love.

The first step is to breathe from the belly. Most people breathe from the upper chest, which creates anxiety and puts them in the “fight or flight” mode. But if you breathe from the belly, you’ll experience greater ease and calm, while feeling more vitalized.

Here’s how to breathe from the belly. Put one hand on your belly and take a nice deep breath in through your nose. As you do that, feel your belly expanding and your hand moving out with your inhale. Then, as you exhale through your nose, feel your belly emptying and your hand moving in. That’s proper breathing.

The second part of this process to increase your prana is called mula bandha. Mula refers to your root chakra, or energy center at the base of your body, and bandha means lock. In doing mula bandha, you lock your consciousness down low in your body, so you don’t live up in your head. To do mula bandha, contract the muscles in the base of your pelvic bowl, your perineum, like you’re doing a Kegel exercise. It’s as though you’re going to the bathroom and you have to stop the stream all at once.

If you contract those muscles while you’re also breathing in the belly, you begin to build more prana or life energy.

Now the third step: Rapidly exhale your breath — from your belly — without even worrying about the inhale. That rapid exhaling, called breath of fire, is going to build your prana even faster. Try it out for a minute or two and see what happens.

When you breathe in these ways, you take in more negative ions, which are the “good guys.” Negative ions are the invisible molecules you find in places where there’s water crashing down—at the beach or near waterfalls or even in the shower—that make you feel good. Breathing in negative ions increases your serotonin (one of the happiness chemicals) and makes you feel very alive.

We’d love to hear your comments about how you feel from this practice of breathing, so please share them below…

We end today’s message with an old Chinese proverb that says…

“If you know the art of breathing, then you’ll have the strength, wisdom, and courage of ten tigers.”

We wish you many miraculous moments of vital prana and the strength, wisdom, and courage of ten tigers.
Happy Breathing!

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