Today’s Miracle Moment is About Strengthening Your Receiving Muscle.

 Do you struggle with receiving? Especially if you’re very empathic and sensitive to the needs of others, you might tend to focus on everyone else’s needs. Maybe you even feel guilty about receiving. So how can you strengthen your receiving muscle?

Here’s an important shift in perspective around receiving:

When you receive with gratitude and joy, you’re allowing the giver to experience the full pleasure of giving.

For example, when you put a lot of thought and care into a birthday gift for someone in your life, you get to experience the joy of seeing their happiness and appreciation. It’s the same for the Universe.

The Universe wants to shower its abundance on you, and when you receive what you’re given with gratitude and joy, you create a feedback loop of joyful giving and receiving.

You can practice receiving from a place of joyful gratitude by recognizing all the little and big things you’re receiving all day long. When you wake up in the morning, you can be grateful to the universe for the fresh air you breathe or the rest you got the night before. You can be grateful for your morning coffee, your favorite breakfast, or a hot shower. At the grocery store check-out line or at a restaurant, you can also practice receiving with gratitude and joy.

The more joyful gratitude you feel and express for everything you have in life, the more you strengthen your receiving muscle.

Your body is literally built to receive. There are little antennas on the surface of every cell inside your body that are constantly receiving energies from the material manifest world, the divine, your ability to process life, and all that you’re experiencing.

When you reject or resist something you’re experiencing, you shut yourself off from the abundance of life. By opening your heart to whatever it is that you’re authentically feeling, even if that’s a “negative” feeling like anxiety or worry, the feeling will begin to dissolve. It will then transmute into the energies of light and love and support you to live a more authentic life.

So receive, accept, and embrace every part of life with great appreciation.

This week, we invite you to go through each day noticing the little and big things you’re receiving. Practice accepting and embracing each of them with gratitude.

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment to share what you’re grateful for right now.

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