Today’s Miracle Moment is About Living 10% More in the Miracle Zone.

A couple months ago, our Your Year of Miracles behind-the-scenes team had a workshop together, which was all about how we could expand in the Miracle Zone individually and together.

Our friend and consultant Mary Pat led the workshop. Throughout our time together, she gave us some prompts to answer in small groups. One of the questions she gave us was inspired by the book 10% Happier. The question was:

“What would you do if you lived 10% more in the Miracle Zone in your personal life and business?”

Some people shared that in their personal lives, they would exercise 3-4 times a week, spend more time outside, sign up for a course they’d been wanting to take, or take some risks in a relationship that they’d been avoiding taking. In business, some people said they’d spend time preparing now for our busy season. Others shared new projects they’d get a head start on.

Living just 10% more in the Miracle Zone can bring us more happiness, joy and fulfillment in the present moment while helping us move towards our bigger miracle intentions.

We loved this idea that we can make a 10% change, because it’s totally doable. Often we have our eyes on the prize of the huge miracles we want in our lives. And while big miracles can sometimes happen quickly, they also sometimes come through slow and steady steps forward.

When you move just 10% forward in the direction of your big miracle dreams, you ignite momentum in your life.

This idea of “living 10% more in the Miracle Zone” can keep you from self-sabotaging or thinking, “I can’t do that. It’s just too big of a leap for me.”

The subconscious tends to fear change and is always trying to protect you from it. You can help your subconscious to be comfortable with change by taking small steps forward and then acknowledging what that feels like in your body. By acknowledging what 10% more in the Miracle Zone feels like to you, the subconscious can feel the incremental shift and it will be able to relax, because it’s a small (rather than big) change.

And in the process, you’ll get to experience more of the Miracle Zone right now!

This week, we invite you to look for ways to live 10% more in the Miracle Zone. Perhaps it’s in your health, self-care, creative projects, business goals, or relationships. What small step can you take in any of those areas to live 10% more in the Miracle Zone? We encourage you to take that “10% more” step!

In the comments below, please let us know: What would you do if you lived 10% more in the Miracle Zone? We look forward to hearing from you!


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