With International Best-Selling Authors Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman

Are you Ready for a Breakthrough in 

Your Abundance, Success and Happiness?

Make 2017 Your Year of Miracles

If you could effortlessly invite miracles into your life, what would you choose?    

Live a purposeful life filled with happiness?

Have radiant health and vibrant energy?

Find deeply fulfilling relationships?

Create real financial success?

Realize your grandest dreams?

With the  knowledge and tools you receive in the Your Year of Miracles program, you can have all of this and more...

Is any of this true for you?  

You’ve tried so many things – affirmations, visualizations, gratitude — yet you're not living your most extraordinary life.

You long for deep, fulfilling relationships, but more often than not, you end up hurt and disappointed.

You work hard but are frustrated that you still haven't achieved the financial success you desire.

You want a greater sense of self-love, confidence, and peace but you often feel an underlying anxiety.

You often feel tired and overwhelmed, and you don’t know how to get your mojo back.

You’re anxious and afraid: time is ticking by and your life still isn’t really on track. You wonder if it’s too late for you to create the life you dream of.

You have a deep desire to contribute to the planet in a powerful way and leave a legacy but you just don’t know your vehicle...

You’ve experienced some degree of success but still feel empty inside like something really important is missing.

And most of all, you know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing, and you don’t want to wait another minute — you want to live your extraordinary life NOW!

If any of these describe you, Your Year Of Miracles is for you. Take the leap and let us show you how to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

A Personal Message from Marci and Debra


For over 30 years we have each traveled around the world teaching people the secrets to living happy and successful lives.

One day in 2013 I (Marci) realized that not only did I know how to help people create happiness and success but I also knew the formula for creating miracles—and this was what I really wanted to share with the world.

I wondered, "Who else do I know who lives a truly miraculous life who would be as excited about sharing her secrets with the world as I am?"

That day I called my very first mentor who gave me the knowledge and tools that launched my career almost 30 years ago. That mentor was Debra—and that day Your Year of Miracles was born.

The day Marci called me (Debra) I was beyond thrilled to hear her idea of teaching others how to create miraculous lives. Joining together with Marci after so many years has been a miracle all its own! And the results in the lives of our Miracles community members has been beyond what either of us ever imagined possible...

By following our formula, over 4000 people have created miracles in every area of their lives: health, relationships, money, business and more. Their joy, success and passion for life have increased exponentially.

It truly is miraculous to see what our participants have created for themselves.  

The Your Year Of Miracles program is the most deeply fulfilling thing we have ever done.​

If you have people in your life telling you that miracles aren’t possible, stop listening to them.

We know that miracles are possible because not only have we created our own miraculous lives miracles, we have seen the results in our over 4000 Your Year of Miracles graduates.

Let us show YOU how to create miracles in your life, too.

Why a Year Long Mentoring Program?

We know from experience that a weekend seminar can't shift your life in a deep and lasting way. Even a month-long program doesn’t usually lead to lasting results.

But when we're together for at least a year we can support you in consistently taking the small steps that, in 12 months, lead to big, permanent changes and a life lived with much greater ease, happiness and a never-ending stream of miracles.​

One year together also gives us time to help you release all the habits and beliefs you’ve developed over your lifetime. Along the way we teach you new practices and possibilities that are essential for creating miracles (and they often take time to develop).​

And we know from both our decades of experience and from our 2014 and 2015 program participants that if you implement what we teach, the miracles can begin showing up in the first week… most likely even in the first days!

Each month will focus on a unique theme:

Connect with Yourself

January – Dreaming Your Miraculous Dreams

February – Falling in Love with Yourself

Clear Energy

March – Letting Go and Creating Space

April - Activating Your Miraculous Success

Open to Success

May – Feeling Alive and Healthy in Your Body

June – Opening to Your Money Miracles

Live From Happiness

July – Living Free From Overwhelm (Master Mentoring Session Recorded)

August – Cultivating Profound Intuition (Master Mentoring Session Recorded)

Empower Yourself and You Relationships

September – Creating Miraculous Relationships

October – Stepping Into Your Power

Shine Your Light

November – Igniting True Spirituality

December – Celebrating Your Miracles and Shining Your Light on the World

Why are we offering this for women only?

Women struggle with a unique set of challenges:  self-image; juggling family and career; competing in a (business) world dominated by men; supporting aging parents, growing kids, friends, colleagues, clients and more...while knowing there's more they might be doing to take care of themselves...but feeling guilty when they do.

By keeping this a women’s only program we not only bring you the focused support you desire, we also create a safe and nurturing community of like-minded and open-hearted women, ready to support each other in creating a year of miracles.

And men, if you understand that some of our content will be specifically directed towards women especially during our relationship and health months, and you still want to join us, we welcome you with open arms!!​

This program will be the catalyst for a lifetime of miracles.

Experience miraculous results for less than $50/month

Imagine a Year Full of These Miracles:

Clarify Your Purpose and true source of happiness: Once you're clear on your purpose, the miracles begin to roll!

Create renewed energy and vibrant health: Live each day feeling strong, radiant and incredibly alive.

Experience more self-love that ever before: Deeply connected and fulfilling relationships – starting with yourself – are waiting for you.

Earn dramatically more income than ever before: Our participants have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their incomes doing what they love to do.

Master the keys to manifesting: Eliminate the habits that are holding you back so you can realize your grandest dreams.

The time is NOW to live your unshakably happy and successful life!

Here's How We'll Help You Create Your Miraculous Year

    12 90-minute Master Mentoring Sessions (1 every month) with Marci and Debra (Value: $1800)

    • ​Focused on the theme for the month
    • ​Filled with the latest, most effective and easily implementable knowledge and tools to catapult you to the next level in that area of life
    • ​Ask your questions and get laser coaching from us during the last half hour of each call
    • Leave with "homework" to keep you on track so you consistently grow in success, prosperity and happiness...and move ever closer to your goals              

    6 90-Minute Guest Expert Mentoring Sessions (Value: $1200)

    • ​Get the inside scoop from legendary mentors like Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson Lisa Nichols, and Dr. John Gray in these sessions pre-recorded just for our Miracles community!
    • Discover their most effective techniques and discoveries—many that have never been shared with other groups

    6 90-Minute Healer Sessions with Master Healers (Value: $1200)

    We've chosen the healers and light workers who have contributed most profoundly to our own lives, and will now contribute profoundly to yours--each and every month.

    • The powerful discourses and deep healings that each guest brings to our community will be in the area of that month's topic 
    • Energetically remove blocks to what's holding you back in relationships, abundance, success, happiness and more
    • Receive messages the Universe has for you as many of our healers facilitate communication with your angels, guides, ascended Masters and other light beings.
    • Clear non-supportive energies from you life and even your entire ancestral lineage

    24 Meetings with Your Miracle Manifestation Group (2 each month) (Value: $576)

    • To truly personalize your experience you will be in a Miracles Group with 5 - 7 other committed women
    • This is a safe, nurturing space where you can bond, share, and give and receive unconditional encouragement – and use the power of the group intention to manifest your miracles!!!

    Miracle Message every Monday morning (Value: $520)

    • Every Monday you will receive an email with a recorded message from Marci or Debra filled with inspiration and perhaps even some simple homework or a challenge or something to be aware of that week...
    • These messages have proven to be miraculous in the lives of our participants and we’re certain that you'll receive the perfect message at the perfect time just as they have!

    12 Monthly Miracle Activations (Value: $600)

    • ​Each 20-minute session is designed to activate miracles in your life in that specific area (relationship, abundance, health, self-love, etc.)
    • Listen to these again and again during the month to raise your energetic vibration in that area

    A Dynamic and Supportive Online Community (Value: $497)

    • This is your place to go 24/7 to celebrate your wins, ask your questions, support each other, offer ideas and inspiration
    • You can even share with the thousands of other participants what goods or services you offer. Networking is encouraged!

    See what others are saying

    Marci Shimoff has her finger on the pulse of the greatest evolutionary leap in the history of humanity—our leap out of fear into the attitudinal matrix of love. Marci is one of the most loving people I’ve ever known, and she is a worthy guide.
    Marianne Williamson
    Internationally renowned spiritual leader and #1 NYTimes bestselling author of A Return to Love
    I'm a harsh critic when it comes to people who call themselves ’transformational speakers,' so I don't say this lightly: Debra Poneman's rare combination of profound advice, clarity, humor and, above all, authenticity, was evident the first time I heard her speak almost 30 years ago – and it's truer than ever today.
    Steve Farber President
    Extreme Leadership / Inc. and best-selling author of The Radical Leap and Greater Than Yourself
    Of all the teachers we have access to in our on-line world, two extraordinary women stand out amongst the crowd. In their year-long Miracles Program, master mentors Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman lead the way to continual magic and miracles. I've seen first hand how the depth of their knowledge, the wealth of their wisdom, the vastness of their love, the breadth of their humor, and the contagiousness of their joy can and will inspire you to also become a master miracle maker! From the truest place in my heart, I encourage you to take advantage of their offerings. Your life will become miraculous.
    Katherine Woodward Thomas
    NYTimes best-selling author of Conscious Uncoupling
    Almost 30 years ago I first attended Debra's Yes to Success seminar. I was completely blown away by her unique vision of how every one of us can live our most cherished dreams – and by her powerful presence and radiant spirit. I ended up attending the seminar so many times that I lost count and each time I gained new insights and tools that completely transformed my life and lead to the formulation of The Passion Test and its world-wide success.
    Janet Attwood
    NYTimes Best-selling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches
    Marci has been pursuing spiritual growth and the deepest values of happiness for as long as I’ve known her. She has a unique talent for making deep spiritual concepts immediately accessible.I see her as the scout at the head of the pack, the point guard who surveys the territory up ahead and comes back with a road map of what’s useful. Whenever Marci tells me I ought to go check something out, I know it will be something good.
    Jack Canfield
    #1 NYTimes bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles
    In my experience, Marci and Debra are both unparalleled in their ability to effectively convey deep and insightful knowledge and facilitate real growth. They are rare and precious gems among mentors who will transform your life, and support you in creating a level of life success you probably can't even imagine for yourself.
    Claire Zammit
    Co-Founder / FemininePower.com and EvolvingWisdom.com
    If you are truly ready for illumination, look no further than the knowledge you will gain from my good friend Debra Poneman.
    Mark Victor Hansen
    Co-creator of the #1 NYTimes best-selling series "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
    Of all the mentors I've had, my time with Marci has been the most profound and valuable. She's intuitive, gifted, smart, practical and generous. She's helped me earn more, impact more people, and bring more joy into my life. She has my highest endorsement.
    Marcia Wieder
    CEO / Dream University
    I’ve known and admired Marci and Debra for many years both as leaders in the transformational world and as dear friends. When I was a guest mentor for Your Year of Miracles it was clear to me why people love them so much as teachers. They’ve created a fantastic program and their miracles community is exceptionally powerful and supportive of each other. It was exciting for me to hear the miracles these women shared! The energy, love, and results Marci and Debra generate through this program are genuine and abundant. I look forward to being a guest mentor again next year.”
    Dr. John Gray
    #1 NY Times best-selling Author “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus"


    You have the power to create the life you want.

    It's Your Time. It's Your Year. It's Your Life.

    Together, let's make 2017 Your Year of Miracles!

    Happiness Mentor Marci Shimoff

    Marci and Jack Canfield

    ​I remember one day a few years into my whirlwind of success, recognition and purpose, I stopped and realized that I was living a miraculous life. I had the keys and I could help other people create miracles in their personal and professional lives just as I'd created them in mine. I knew the formula.

    BooksIn the past 20 years, I've had the honor of being a #1 NY Times bestselling author many times over. I've written Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and 6 books in Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul series. My books have sold over 15 million copies in 33 languages around the world.

    And my passion is to help you manifest miracles in your life.

    The SecretI'm also a featured teacher in the huge film and book phenomenon, The Secret. I'm regularly on national television, I've hosted my own PBS show and I travel around the world speaking to audiences of thousands.

    Marci with the Dalai LamaI get to meet, work with, travel, and vacation with some of the most extraordinary people on the planet.

    People have been asking Debra and me for years — actually for decades — to offer a mentoring program like this together but the time wasn’t right. Until now.

    Now, everything has come together and we feel that we've created a program where everyone who participates will absolutely have a breakthrough.

    Success Mentor Debra Poneman

    Debra PonemanAfter spending the decade of the 70’s teaching meditation to thousands and studying with the greatest spiritual masters of the east, I immersed myself in the knowledge of the great Masters of western metaphysical thought and in 1981 founded Yes to Success Seminars, to bring then “radical” ideas like your thoughts create your reality into the mainstream.

    Debra Poneman

    Debra as host of the Environmental Hall of Fame Awards, with honoree Pierce Brosnan.

    Within a few short years my seminars were being taught in cities across the US and by my certified trainers in seven countries on four continents – before the days of the internet.

    My corporate clients included Mattel Toys, McDonnell Douglas, the Xerox Management Group and more—at a time when it was not common for women to be hired as corporate trainers. I was featured in print, radio and TV from coast to coast. In 1983 my ground-breaking Yes to Success home study course became the first self-help product ever offered in an infomercial format.

    Many of my students, most of whom started out with only a dream, went on to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires, NY Times bestselling authors, and even household names.

    In 1988, true to my own teachings, I followed my passion and put my company on hold to become a full-time mom. Experiencing the daily miracle of being a parent to my two biological children and the numerous others who called our address "home" over the years, was one of the greatest joys of my life.

    Since returning to the world of transformational leadership I have become a best-selling author and once again travel the globe teaching people how to say YES! to authentic and lasting success – and create lives filled with miracles!

    Questions? E-mail our Miracles Team at info@YourYearofMiracles.com

    Because we're so sure that Your Year of Miracles will have a dramatic effect on your success and happiness for the rest of your life, we're offering the following guarantee:
    If by the end of your first 30 days in the Your Year of Miracles program, you don't think it is worth your investment, simply let us know and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund - and you keep any gifts, bonuses and downloads that you've already received.

    Disclaimer: Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman and/or Your Year of Miracles present the entire content of the program for educational purposes only. The information provided by the Hosts and/or their guests is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or to cure such conditions. The information contained in the program is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional.