​Inner Circle Life & Business Coach - ​Rhanda Salameh

Rhanda Salameh, LCSW, has been an individual and marriage therapist for over 30 years, a business consultant and coach for 26 years, and an energy healer for 18 years. Her practice encompasses all three and for Your Year of Miracles, Rhanda is both a life coach and business coach. She first discovered her love for business consulting when her life took a turn and she found herself President of a manufacturing company founded by her grandfather. Since running the company and ultimately facilitating its sale, she has been working with entrepreneurs who are exploring new ventures and with corporate leaders in personal and professional development. Rhanda uses her skills in the resolution of conflict and the growth of emotional intelligence both in her life and business coaching. She is a consultant to family owned businesses with a single or multiple generations involved. Often they are seeking to create flow and harmony where there are issues of communication and conflict within the overlap of business, family and ownership dynamics; and/or where there is struggle in the process of succession planning. Another of Rhanda’s great joys and strengths is facilitating workshops, and additionally to many, being a spiritual mentor. Her work in all areas has been described as powerful, practical, playful and profound, empowering her clients' personal and professional lives with clarity, vision and focus. In other words, Rhanda loves to work and play in The Miracle Zone!

For further information about her strengths in personal and business coaching please visit her website at www.Findyourtrueself.com


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