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  • The formula for creating miracles in every area of your life
  • Ongoing support to ensure your progress towards a life filled with miracles
  • Tools to experience the love, abundance, success, happiness and miracles you deserve

My Miracles have been so abundant that I would have to write a book to give them all ample justice. One is that the Universe has opened up the flood gates of financial abundance and I’ve been able to rest and not worry about money. I was also able to help others more than when I was working a full time job! Thank you Marci and Debra!”

~ Angela
Washington, DC

Of all the teachers we have access to in our on-line world, two extraordinary women stand out amongst the crowd. In their year-long Miracles Program, master mentors Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman lead the way to continual magic and miracles. I’ve seen first hand how the depth of their knowledge, the wealth of their wisdom, the vastness of their love, the breadth of their humor, and the contagiousness of their joy can and will inspire you to also become a master miracle maker! From the truest place in my heart, I encourage you to take advantage of their offerings. Your life will become miraculous.”

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas
NYTimes best-selling author of Conscious Uncoupling

Your Year of Miracles gives you everything you need to live a truly miraculous 2017 and beyond, including:

  • 12 LIVE Monthly Master Mentoring with Marci and Debra – every month a new topic to give you the tools for your miraculous journey (Value: $2160)
  • 6 LIVE 90-minute Healing Sessions with Master Healers to remove energetic blocks and deeply-rooted impressions (Value: $1080)
  • 6 LIVE 90-minute Expert Mentoring Sessions with Legendary Mentors such as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Lisa Nichols and more (Value: $1080)
  • 24 Miracle Group Calls to have the power of your group’s attention to manifest your miracles (5 – 8 people per group) (Value: $576)
  • 12 Monthly Miracle Activations – These energetic transmissions activate the power of miracles in your life (Value: $600)
  • 52 Monday Miracle Messages to start your week off miraculously!! (Value: $520)
  • Your Year of Miracles Private Facebook Community to support you every step along your miracles-filled year (Value: Priceless)
  • A beautiful 2017 Miracles Journal to record your miraculous year – In write-on PDF and downloadable formats (Value: $97)
  • A Powerful Miracles Tracker to track your miraculous progress online during the year (Value: $300)

My main intention in Year of Miracles was to love myself, after years of shame and self hatred. I just realized in the last few weeks that I’m filled daily with joy, that I enjoy my own company and that I believe in my own abilities in a way I never have before. This has manifested in stronger friendships, more meaningful work, and a life long dream come true – my first art show coming up in the new year!!”

~ Judith, MN

If you are truly ready for illumination, look no further than the knowledge you will gain from my good friend Debra Poneman.”

~ Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator of the #1 NY Times best-selling series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul

Marci Shimoff has her finger on the pulse of the greatest evolutionary leap in the history of humanity—our leap out of fear into the attitudinal matrix of love. Marci is one of the most loving people I’ve ever known, and she is a worthy guide.”

~ Marianne Williamson
Internationally renowned spiritual leader and #1 NYTimes bestselling author of A Return to Love

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