Miraculous Life Package Volume II

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​As promised, below are the downloads for your bonus: The Miraculous Life Package Volume II. This program features three live video interviews with Marci and Lisa Nichols, Lindsay Wagner (also known as The Bionic Woman!) and Marianne Williamson on how to create a miraculous life. It also includes two audio interviews with Debra. The first is an interview with Robin Mastro author of Making Room for Mr. Right on what we can do in our homes to energetically attract the love of our life – or create more intimacy and harmony in our current relationship. The second is with Dr. Rick Moss on the importance of clearing impressions from childhood and includes five powerful processes that allow us to free up our ability to love ourselves and others, create pathways for forgiveness and open to a deeper relationship with the Divine.

Lisa Nichols:

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Lindsay Wagner

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Marianne Williamson:

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Robin Mastro:

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