With International Best-Selling Authors Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman

We Invite you to Join our Your Year of Miracles

Inner Circle Program

and Create a Lifetime of Miracles.

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Are you ready for a complete transformation?

Are you ready to become a Master of Miracles?

With our personal mentorship and shared commitment, you will be on the fast-track to creating a lifetime of miracles!

In this intimate year-long experience, you'll receive everything you need to truly master living a life overflowing with miracles. 

You will discover how to:

Create an  effortless flow

Live an unshakably happy and profoundly fulfilling life

Cultivate confidence rooted in deep trust in the Universe

Draw more success and abundance to you than ever before

Uncover and manifest your heart’s truest desires

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women across the globe transform their lives...

And now we’re opening our Inner Circle to women who are 100% committed to taking your lives to the next level.

Ready to claim your spot in the Inner Circle?

Your Inner Circle Program Includes :

A 3 Day LIVE Retreat with the Inner Circle Members and Marci and Debra  (Valued at $2400)

  • Lots of face-to-face, heart-to-heart time with us
  •  Support with your specific miracle intentions
  • Community building, bonding and networking
  • Powerful Cleansing Ceremony
  • Miracles Initiation Ceremony (This is off-the-charts!)
  • Transformational guest speakers
  • Outrageous surprises and lots of fun! (Your happiness is a high frequency state that invites more miracles!)

4 LIVE 90-minute VIDEO Super Sessions with Marci and Debra (Valued at $1000)

  • Includes Individual Laser Coaching and Q&A
  • Tap into the power of our support and the energy of the entire Inner Circle in these live video sessions designed to keep you on track and motivated to accelerate your journey in the Miracle Zone 

20 45-minute Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with one of our Lead Miracles Life Coaches and/or (ALL NEW!!!) our Certified Miracles Business Coach with over 2 decades of personal entrepreneurship and acclaimed business coaching  (Valued at $5000)

  • Catapult your success in your business and/or your personal life with this one-on-one support 
  • Experience breakthroughs, transformation and insights in any and all areas of your life: from relationship to health, money to career and more. These sessions are customized to YOU!

1 15-Minute Private Mentoring Session with Marci and 1 with Debra (Valued at $600)

We are both masters at lasering in on what you need to do to create the miracles you desire in your life!  15 minutes is all we need to give you powerful support and insights to propel your miracles. You can choose to have this session at the beginning of the year to kickstart your miracles or later in the year to accelerate them.

4 LIVE 90-minute Video Sessions with the most Powerful Healers we know  (Valued at $1200)

  • Clear out any blocks and open to your highest frequency
  • Ask your questions and receive group and personal healings

BONUS #1: Become a Certified Love and Happiness Ambassador! Valued at $1800

If you’re already teaching workshops or are interested in starting to, this is an extraordinary opportunity for those who want to speak, teach or coach in the areas of Happiness or Love.  After participating in Marci’s Certification Training (which includes 2 live events) you will be able to teach these 2 workshops:

"Love for No Reason” - learn the 7 steps to creating a life of unconditional love. This holistic program will open your heart, make you a magnet for love, and transform your life. Whatever your experience of love is right now - whether you’re in pain or feeling great - you can learn to love at a higher level, starting today.

"Happy for No Reason” - learn the 7 steps to being happy from the inside out. Through this remarkable program you will learn how to raise your “happiness set-point” enabling you to experience more unconditional happiness in your daily life.

BONUS  #2: Debra's Complete Yes to Success Course Valued at $995 taught via Live Stream Video and Audio

This is the same seminar that icons like our own Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood (The Passion Test), Phil Town (Rule #1), and Steve Farber (Extreme Leadership) attended not just once but numerous times to gain the knowledge and tools to create their legendary success.  Join the ranks of the tens of thousands who have used this proven system to create unprecedented business and personal success for over 35 years.  This course will be taught in 10 sessions over a 20 week period with one session every other week. 

You'll Also Receive All the Benefits of the Your Year of Miracles Program and Accelerated Program Including: 

1 Live 1-Hour Master Mentoring Call each month with Marci and Debra

  • Filled with the latest, most effective and easily implementable knowledge and tools to catapult you to the next level in that area of life
  • Ask your questions and get laser coaching from us during the last half hour of each call
  • Leave with assignments to keep you on track so that you consistently grow in success, prosperity and happiness – and move ever closer to manifesting your chosen miracles

2 Meetings with Your Miracles Group each month

  • You will be in a Miracles Group with 5 other committed women from the Inner Circle
  • This is a safe, nurturing space where you can bond, share, and give and receive unconditional encouragement – and use the power of the group intention to manifest your miracles!!!

1 Live 90-Minute Healer Session every other month and 1 Live 90-minute Guest Mentor Session every other month

  • Our guest mentors include icons like Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Lisa Nichols and more
  • Our guest healers remove energetic blocks to your miracles - often from years or even your ancestral lineage
  • Many of our healers share with our members messages the Universe has for them or for the group as a whole

6 Master Group Coaching Group Sessions with Lead Miracles Coach

1 90-minute Small Group Coaching Session with Lead Miracles Coach and 5 - 7 other members of your Miracles Group

Monthly Miracle Activations

  • Each 20-minute session is designed to activate miracles in your life in that specific area (relationship, abundance, health, self-love, etc.)
  • Listen to these again and again during the month to raise your energetic vibration in that area

Miracle Message every Monday morning

  • Every Monday you will receive an email with a recorded message from Marci or Debra filled with inspiration and perhaps even a challenge for the week!
  • These messages have proven to be miraculous in the lives of our participants and we’re certain that you'll receive the perfect message at the perfect time!

An Online Community

  • Your participation in the online community can continue!
  • This is your place to go 24/7 to celebrate your wins, ask your questions, support each other, offer ideas and inspiration
  • You can even share with the thousands of other participants what goods or services you offer. Networking is encouraged!

This program will be the catalyst for a lifetime of miracles.

The Inner Circle is not for everyone…

This program IS for you if you’re committed to making your dreams come true.

This program IS for you if you see obstacles as stepping-stones to your next miracles.

This program IS for you if you are 100% committed to creating a life of ease, joy and miracles.

This program is NOT for you if you are waiting for someone else to create your miraculous life for you.

When you fully commit to yourself, the Universe rejoices and offers you its full support.

When you fully commit to this program, we offer you our full commitment, presence and support.

Together, our shared commitment will launch you on a path of a lifetime of miracles!

​Is NOW the time for you to...

Create the lifestyle that you know you deserve? 

Be who you were put on earth to be without apology and with complete confidence?

Master the keys to manifesting?

Live Your Dreams with your heart wide open?

Enjoy being a member of a powerful sisterhood of like-minded and like-hearted women?

...If YES, then join us in the Inner Circle.

We are here to support you in creating not just Your Year of Miracles but Your Life of Miracles!

The Inner Circle Investment

We know the power of investing money in ourselves, especially as women. When you say YES to this program you are saying YES to yourself and all that you desire to create in your life not only this year but for years to come.  You're also saying YES to receiving powerful support to make your dreams your reality.

The investment in being a member of the Inner Circle is $5,997.  Payment plans are available.

This investment price is less than a VIP Day with either Marci or Debra (and less than many programs we've seen that provide significantly less value).

Receiving this degree of mentorship for a full year including 20 sessions with one of our top coaches is truly priceless. How do you put a monetary value on learning what it takes to become a Master of Miracles?

We look forward to giving you our love and support during 2018 so that your life is beyond miraculous.

Your partners in miracles,

Marci and Debra

Questions? E-mail our Miracles Team at info@YourYearofMiracles.com or call 415-419-5817

Because we're so sure that Your Year of Miracles Inner Circles will have a dramatic effect on your success and happiness for the rest of your life, we're offering the following guarantee:
If by the end of your first 30 days in Your Year of Miracles Inner Circle program, you don't think it is worth your investment, simply let us know and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund - and you keep any gifts, bonuses and downloads that you've already received.

Disclaimer: Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman and/or Your Year of Miracles present the entire content of the program for educational purposes only. The information provided by the Hosts and/or their guests is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or to cure such conditions. The information contained in the program is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional.