Marci Shimoff
#1 NYTimes Bestselling Author
Co-founder Your Year of Miracles

Join us for an exciting encore event to jumpstart your 2018. It's happening this Saturday and you're absolutely going to love it!

Debra Poneman
#1 Bestselling Author
Co-founder Your Year of Miracles

*Free for a limited time*

This 3+hour Encore of our LIVE webcast (hosted by us - Marci and Debra!) includes some of the most respected names in transformational leadership on the planet and will be focused on one thing—how YOU can live your most miraculous life in 2018!

Be Ready to...

Hear Ocean Robbins' story of his biggest mistake…and how he turned it around and made The Food Revolution into one of the most powerful forces for good on the planet.

Experience "Spontaneous Transformation" with Jennifer McLean and hear her story of how she went from struggle to being one of the world’s premier success coaches.

Learn how to “tap” your way to Miracles with Jessica Ortner, the bestselling author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

Discover how the world renown healer John Newton has helped people clear imprints in their DNA that store limiting experiences from our lives as well as our family lineages. John will help us release these imprints so that we can live our most miraculous lives.

Let Sandra Joseph (the history making Broadway star who, as Christina in The Phantom of the Opera, holds the record as the longest-running leading lady in the longest-running Broadway show of all time!) help you find your miraculous voice.

Learn to let go of what is not serving you to make way for your miracles with Feminine Power’s Claire Zammit.

Listen to Patty Aubrey, president of The Jack Canfield Companies, is referred to by Jack as “the wind beneath my wings” and attributes much of his success to her. She will share how you too can make your miraculous dreams of success come true.

These experts share the biggest mistakes they’ve made in their lives that have kept miracles away (be prepared to have your mind blown…) and what they’ve done to turn things around and live their miraculous lives!!

*Free for a limited time only*