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The 3 Secrets to a Life Filled with Miracles

…where you will discover how to unleash the flow of abundance, success and happiness -- and start living your life in the Miracle Zone.

We've shared our secrets for living a miraculous life with hundreds of thousands of people in every corner of the world for over 30 years. Now you'll learn these same secrets in this training, so that you too can stop sabotaging your happiness and success and start living in the "Miracle Zone" where life becomes an effortless flow.

During this FREE web event you'll discover:

  • A powerful process that dispels any "unworthiness" and will increase your self-love
  • One simple shift you can make NOW to open the floodgates of the Miracles that are waiting for YOU!
  • The most common mistake you might be making that keeps miracles away (it’s actually taught by almost all self-help “gurus” and it doesn't work) 
  • The way you can have more abundance, love, happiness and success with ease instead of struggle 


  • Dec. 29, 2016 12PM PST
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  • Jan. 15, 2017 10AM PST
  • Jan. 17, 2017 3PM PST
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  • Jan. 26, 2016 5PM PST

Presented By:
International Best-Selling Authors Debra Poneman & Marci Shimoff

Don’t settle for a mediocre life.

Find our how you can live a miraculous life with global thought leaders Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman by attending this content-rich webinar.