Your Year of Miracles 2019 Launch - Special Announcement


Your Year Of Miracles is a year-long group mentoring program hosted by Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter and Lisa Garr to show you exactly how to create the success and happiness that's beyond what you think is possible...

The program offers tools to experience real miracles—money miracles, relationship miracles, health miracles, career miracles, happiness miracles and more!

More than 7,000 people from 74 countries have been through the program over the past five years and the results they’ve had have been incredible—actually miraculous!

And in 2019 we have some exciting new changes...the fabulous Dr. Sue Morter will co-teach the mentoring calls with Marci and the extraordinary Lisa Garr will be leading our guest expert and healer interviews each month!

We start the program on January 16th and we'd love for YOU to join us in sharing our program with your community. Our launch begins on Wednesday, December 26th and ends on Monday, January 14th.

We have 3 different levels of the program: Basic, Accelerated, and the Inner Circle.  All of them have payment plan options available.

When you support our launch, you’ll earn 40% commission on every referral who joins the Basic program and additional commissions for Accelerated and Inner Circle registrants. In the past, our partners have had great success with EPCs ranging from $2-4 on average and as high as $12!

Your Year of Miracles is a truly life-changing program that your people will LOVE and that will generate some excellent commissions for you in the New Year! 


Your first affiliate link will lead to an opt-in page for our ebook: The Four Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life.

When your people opt-in for the ebook, they will be invited to register for our web event, "3 Secrets to Living a Miraculous Life" and will be given a choice of 2 - 3 dates/times to choose from. The "pop-up" date choices will change as the launch progresses.

All web events will contain the same pre-recorded video content followed by LIVE Q&A and laser coaching with us (except for the Miracles Extravaganza which will be via LIVE ZOOM!). 

Here is a suggested promotion schedule to maximize sales:

First and Foremost: Mail for our ebook (after they opt in, we'll invite them to our webinar)
Second: Mail for our Webinar (only if you've already mailed for the ebook - the ebook always has higher conversion!)
Third: Mail again for our Webinar or Extravaganza Replay (again, only if you've already mailed for the ebook)
Fourth: Mail directly for the program with a great endorsement and/or bonus you provide

Feel free to adjust based on the level of support you can give and please know that all support is deeply appreciated!

Again, please email to our ebook (and pop-up invite to web event) during the entire duration of our launch as it has the highest conversion rate. 

Click here to view our full webinar schedule.


  • Basic - 40%
  • Accelerated - $400.00 per sale
  • Inner Circle - $600.00 per sale


  • First cookie in
  • Tracks for 90 days


  • Basic - $597
  • Accelerated - $2,997
  • Inner Circle - $5,997

Become an Affiliate and Help Share Our Message...

Please contact our Director of Marketing and Affiliate Manager, Kim Nishida, at for anything you may need. 

Always Miraculously Yours,
Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman, Sue Morter and Lisa Garr
Your Year of Miracles